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"Watch the sun, as it crawls..."

Dreamsick again this morning. Something terrible just before Spooky woke me, but now it's only bits and shards. That's a small mercy. But, I cannot claim to be awake. Stuck somewhere in between, neither here nor there, now nor then.

Despite the heat, a good writing day yesterday. I did 1,265 words on The Red Tree. I'm in the final scene of Chapter Three, which I hope to complete today, if I can get all my ducks in a row as regards so-called "residual hauntings."

The latest round of eBay auctions will be ending in just an hour or so. Please do have a look, and bid if you are able. Thanks! Also, remember, Subterranean Press is now taking preorders for A is for Alien, and the book is expected to sell out before publication.

More thoughts on the con? Well, next year I hope that Spooky and I do not get the Innsmouth Suite, as we seem to have done this year. The room was pervaded with an inexplicable moldy odor, as of rotting carpet. Oh, and somehow the "free" wireless ended up costing $20/day, so we didn't do that. I have not mentioned finally meeting cucumberseed and batwrangler, but I did. Also John Benson and Anke Kriske (don't know if they have LJs), and that was cool, too. Finally putting faces with names. Yesterday, I began to be stricken with a morbid fear that I said a lot of really stupid, stupid things during my Locus interview, which is probably just me being insecure. Or not. Time will tell. My thanks to everyone who came to the reading. I think my greatest worry during the whole affair was that there would be a seizure at some especially inopportune moment (during a panel, or interview, etc.). There was, however, only one very brief episode, hardly more than an absence seizure, while Spooky and Sonya and I were in the room at some point on Friday. So, that was fortunate.

The heat was truly intolerable yesterday. No, it was dangerous. The thermostat inside the house reached 88F (it's 84F right now), and the temperature outside was somewhere in the 90s. I actually had ice cream with breakfast. When the writing was finally done, and after a cold dinner of egg salad, we fled the broiling city, heading south to Point Judith. About halfway, we ran into clouds, moving northeast from the sound, and the air temperature abruptly dropped into the 70s. Exquisite. We were aiming for the jetty at Harbour of Refuge, but it was awash in a hoard of tourist locusts, so we went to the narrow, rocky beach just north of the Point Judith lighthouse, instead. A different sort of shoreline than either Beavertail or Moonstone, this beach is dominated by cobbles, and the diversity of mollusks (especially gastropods) is much higher (at least the diversity of molluscan shells is higher). I listened to the sea roar, to the fog horn and the bell buoy, and picked up shells from the Northern Moon Shell (Lunatia heros), Common Slipper Shell (Crepidula fornicata), Common Periwinkle (Littorina littorea), Oyster Drill (Urosalpinx cinerea), and Blue Mussel (Mytilius edulis). Spooky had all the luck with arthropods, though, finding parts of a horseshoe crab (Limulus polyphemus), as well as most of a Rock Crab (Cancer irroratus). We stayed until dark, and my lousy rotten feet were not pleased with the climb down to the beach, the walking on the shifting cobbles, and then the climb back up, but fuck them. I needed the sea. I think it was about 9:45 p.m. when we made it back home. There are beach photos below.

A rather bloody disastrous attempt at SL roleplay last night. I really, truly think, that after more than a year, I want to try hard to step away from it. It has been, through and through, too completely appropriated for non-rp uses. Like I said long ago, I believe part of the fault lies with whatever idiots named it "Second Life" to start with. Too many people take that literally. What could be a fantastic tool for interactive, free form, impromptu storytelling is, instead, hobbled by the needs and desires of people who want a Real Life substitute, a surrogate, rather than an augmentation. Spooky and I are talking about the feasibility of my opening my own rp SL sim, maybe six months to a year from now, in order to vastly improve the signal-to-noise ratio and make genuine rp possible. I'm talking about setting up a private SL sim that would be, basically, a simplified version of Providence, and a story that would be, more or less, a prequel to Daughter of Hounds. Indeed, the idea would be to create a living, open-ended novel. Players could be Hounds, Changelings, vampires, or part of an occult research society. Combat would be minimal. Admission to the sim would be by invitation ONLY, and strict rules would be enforced to insure that the sim was used for nothing BUT rp. Membership would be capped at somewhere between thirty and fifty people (though fifteen or twenty might be ideal). For those invited, there would be no charge, and the sim would not be used to make money (which, in SL, is almost always a waste of time, anyway). I have two good builders lined up, and "land prices" have dropped. But, of course, this would require a couple thousand dollars, just to get the ball rolling, and there are all these Real World expenses to be considered first.

In the meanwhile...maybe it's time for me to return to non-interactive console gaming. Simple gaming, as opposed to storytelling via SL. It's a shame, but I have wasted far too many hours chasing possibility and potential that, again and again, evaporate in a haze of nonsense, and I have no more energy or time to waste. Well, truthfully, I never did, but I've waited on this marvelous toy my whole life, and it's almost impossible to walk away. Anyway, we shall see.

The cobbles here are amazing (if very hard to walk on).

Just north of the lighthouse, looking southeast at the mouth of the bay, across the Atlantic (towards Africa).

View to the north, towards Narragansett.

Spooky running from a wave.

Legs from a Limulus polyphemus.
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