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These storms subside.

I feel as though I slept all day long yesterday. In point of fact, I did not. I actually managed to write a very decent 1,300 words on The Red Tree, beginning Chapter Three, which I'm liking more than I liked Chapter Two. Mostly, I was left with the conviction that if I can force myself to write on a day like yesterday, I can force myself to write on almost any sort of day. As for today, so far I mostly feel disoriented.

Anyway, my reward for writing (and resting) yesterday was a 10:55 ayem matinée of Hellboy II: The Golden Army. I'm not going to say much, because I don't want to risk spoiling it for anyone. But I loved it. It manages to be beautiful, terrible, and fun, and keep a sense of humor the whole time. The creature designs are, of course, superb, as is Danny Elfman's score. I keep waiting to Guillermo del Toro to disappoint me, and I just don't think it's ever going to happen. I may have more to say, after thinking about it a bit. I will say that I suspect Princess Nuala is my new infatuation...

Back to yesterday, I finished reading "Marginal Creatures in a Marginal World," Chapter Six of Nicholas Fraser's Dawn of the Dinosaurs: Life in the Triassic. It covered many of my favourite enigmatic Triassic beasties —— including Drepanosaurus, Megalancosaurus, Longisquama, Sharovipteryx, and Langobardisaurus. I also started Chapter Seven, "The Enigmas of Texas and the U.S. Southwest," which deals primarily with the Chinle and Dockum faunas.

There was a trip to the market, and there were hot dogs for dinner. There were fresh strawberries in our weekly bag from the farmer's market. There was a little Second Life. But the prison sim in which Nareth is serving a fourteen-day sentence, while at first promising, is proving rather dull (and not in the ways a prison stay should, fairly, be dull). And I'm really, really getting tired of people who use emoticons and lolspeak during rp, and those who seem to have taught themselves to write dialogue by watching anime. After Second Life, there were some "soft, soft drugs." And more sleep. It's very, very rare when I'm asleep long before Spooky. Oh, that reminds me. acephalemagic sent me this quote from an E.M. Cioran interview, regarding insomnia. It comes very near to describing the state of mind I call "dreamsickness":

Weiss: Do you still suffer from it [insomnia]?

Cioran: A lot less. But that was a precise period, about six or seven years, when my whole perspective on the world changed. I think it's a very important problem. It happens like this: normally someone who goes to bed and sleeps all night almost begins a new life the next day. It's not simply another day, it's another life. And so, he can undertake things, he can manifest himself, he has a present, a future, and so on. But for someone who doesn't sleep, from the time of going to bed at night to waking up in the morning it's all continuous, there's no interruption. Which means there is no suppression of consciousness. It all revolves around that. So, instead of starting a new life, at eight in the morning you're like you were at eight the evening before. The nightmare continues uninterrupted in a way, and in the morning, start what? Since there's no difference from the night before. That new life doesn't exist. The whole day is a trial, it's the continuity of the trial. Well, while everyone rushes toward the future, you are on the outside. So, when that's stretched out for months and years, it causes your sense of things, your conception of life, to be forcibly changed. You do not see what future to look toward, because you don't have any future. And I really consider that the most terrible, most unsettling, in short, the principal experience of my life. There's also the fact that you are alone with yourself. In the middle of the night, everyone's asleep, you are the only one who is awake. Right away I'm not a part of humanity, I live in another world...

My thanks to everyone for the kind words yesterday. They were much appreciated.
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