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Addendum: Artsy stuff

So, here's my thing. I'm looking for someone, or a couple of someones, who would like to do a short interview/article each month (say, 200-500 words) for Sirenia Digest on a "weird erotic artist." I can only pay $25 a piece, which is an embarrassingly low rate, I know, but it's presently the best I can do. Ideally, I need someone who is an artist or is very knowledgeable in the area of visual art (painting, sculpture, etc.) to write these pieces. Or at least reasonably knowledgeable. And we can talk, later, about exactly what constitutes weird visual erotica, but, you know, like this. Or this. I'm especially interested is lesser-known artists, though that doesn't mean I wouldn't love interviews with Dorian Cleavenger et al. You would be paid via PayPal. You would have a deadline, and it would be a hard and fast deadline. Only the reliable and drama-free need apply. Basically, if you're interested, comment here or email at greygirlbeast(at)gmail(dot)com. Though, Spooky may be fielding applicants.

This is part of me trying to expand the digest into other media.

And I have not forgotten about the SL "Sirenia Players." I've just been...well, moving. Moving and writing. And stuff. If you guys are still interested, we'll try to make that happen soon.

And now, I go to bed....
Tags: second life, sirenia digest
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