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Addendum: Yeah, well, anyway...

There has to be an end to the horror of this move, and so there also has to be a day that I can finally return to work. But it won't be tomorrow.

The movers came. They filled our empty apartment with our things, most of which are not broken from a week on that damned truck. They showed up about 4 pm, and weren't done unloading until about 9, and there's a lot more to it than that, but fuck all if I have the energy to write it down.

Finished Whedon's Fray last night, but I'm also too tired to write about that. Bosco (the shaggy dog) tried to break into our flat very, very early this ayem, and I thought we were being robbed. No. Just a dog who seems to love us.

I just signed on Second Life for the first time since last Thursday or Friday, and spoke briefly with Omega and Pontifex and Larissa. It was good to hear the "sound" of their "voices." At least the Museum and the laboratory at Abney Park are still right where I left them.

The cold weekend is about to, overnight, become a sweltering week (60s F today and last yesterday, 90s F tomorrow). There's no air conditioning in this house. We have a couple of window fans. And we have to unpack in the heat, and put books shelves together, and shelve books, and...yeah, well, anyway.
Tags: moving, not writing, second life, weather

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