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Addendum: Promised photos

Tired, and it's hard to think of much of anything right now but bed. Well, the air mattress, but whatever. The soft thing I can lie down on with Spooky and drift away into sleep and the muddy, garish flow of dreaming. But I did promise I would post a few more of Byron's Blackberry photos. They're behind the cut:

Looking east, out across the bay from Point Judith, during dinner on Tuesday evening as the tide rose.

Just below the foundation of the ruined lighthouse at Beavertail, looking southwest across the bay, towards Scarborough Beach.

Beach roses in bloom at Beavertail.


Jun. 7th, 2008 03:09 am (UTC)

As inviting as this pics look, I just keep thinking about what the winters would be like.

As inviting as the warm, almost non-existent Atlanta winters were, I just could not continue to deal with the scorching summers, the rednecks, and the impending desertification. ;-)