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First, something quite drad, a link sent to me by "cadyolive" a couple of days back (it's one of the things I kept forgetting yesterday): Patti Smith on H. P. Lovecraft. How cool is that?

Anyway, yesterday I was finally forced to admit that, yes, I'm sick. I was extremely loathe to do so, as it ends a long, long streak of total wellness. I don't think I've contracted anything worth noting in well over a year. But I have this, whatever this is. Jennifer had it and has recovered, and Spooky got it and is mostly recovered. I'm the lucky third. I was working on "Bradbury Weather" yesterday, did about 75 words, and had to stop and lie down. Ugh. I spent the evening weak and slightly achey, dizzy, nauseous from swallowing the dren draining from my sinuses, feeling fevery though my temperature never wavered from its normal 97.6-97.8F range. I took Tylenol and my nose was swabbed with zinc. This morning I feel a little better, less weak, and I hope to be able write. I have to get completely over this very, very quickly, as Dragon*Con is fast approaching.

Ashley Cheng of Bethesda Softworks made good on his promise. My gratis copy of the "Game of the Year" edition of Morrowind arrived a couple of days ago. I am again sucked into Vvardenfell. My Dunmer fighter has progressed to ninth level and caught her first glimpse of the Ghostfence. And Spooky's hooked, too. Which is just what we needed, the both of us addicted to this frelling game. She's playing a Khajiit "witch hunter" mage named Syllahr. Verily, we are doomed. I figure Jennifer's next, though she never plays video games.

The final set of corrections on The Dry Salvages were e-mailed to the very patient Bill Schafer yesterday afternoon. It might not be perfect, but it's now much perfecter than the ARC text. It will be released in October, hopefully at the same time as the "Mercury" chapbook and the long-delayed subpress edition of Low Red Moon.

I'm chomping at the bit to see Jet Li in Hero, as well as the Director's Cut of Donnie Darko. But tonight is Kid Night, which I need more than usual, and I think we're going to watch Taking Lives. I don't yet know what the second feature will be. Morrowind, most likely. *sigh*

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