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News From Nowhere (A Continuing Saga)

Just a short word before I give up for the night and go to bed. We didn't make it out of Atlanta until about one pm, and we were all three so exhausted that we only made it as far as Staunton, Virginnesse.

See, Virginnesse is that large swath of wilderness north of Georgiabama, but south of Pennsyltucky. With luck, this time tomorrow night, we'll be safely in Connectichusetts Island. Sorry for the lecture of geographical nomenclature. I just wanted to make sure we were all on the same page, so to speak. I wouldn't want anyone to think we'd gotten lost and wandered over towards Indianahio.

Yeah, I'm delirious. But Spooky's worse. Byron seems pretty much okay, though. Hubero, he's utterly freaked out. Oh, and I had no idea that there's a Miocene megafaunal site in Gray, Tennessee (which is what some people call southern Virginnesse)? A shame we didn't have time for the detour.



Jun. 1st, 2008 04:03 pm (UTC)
Stick to eastern Pennsyltucky and you'll be fine. I can vouch that it is a safe zone, full of roads, buildings and mostly friendly upright-walking & talking hominids.

The center of the state, particularly the northernmost section on the border with New Yorkshire, is a little scary at times...very much 'tucky-ish.

No offense to the life forms in that zone, just that some of that land is a little scary. But IMO nothing tops what I call Scaryville, NY near the Candian border. We were lucky to get away from that one convenience store stop - population 83 - with our lives. And our hot dogs.