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There and Back Again (x3)

We've been home maybe an hour now (having left for Birmingham at about 11:30 am), but I'll say more about that tomorrow morning. I'm much more than exhausted, and there's still packing I need to do tonight. Three trips to Birmingham in three weeks, but now it's done. And the things (mostly paleo' equipment and specimens) I've had in storage there for six years and five months are no longer in storage. My mother and step-father met us at the old Harris Warehouse and Transfer Building at 23rd Avenue South and Sixth Avenue South (a building I used years ago as the setting for "The Long Hall on the Top Floor"), where my things have been all this time, since August 2001. I'll not see my mother again until she visits us in Providence this autumn. I don't know if I'll ever see Birmingham again. Which is a weird thing to say, given I lived so many years of my life in or near Birmingham.

Spooky just sent out Sirenia Digest #30. If you are a subscriber, it's likely waiting in your in-box. If not, email Spooky at crk(underscore)books(at)yahoo(dot)com, and she'll fix you up straight away. I do hope you like this issue. And, as always, comments and new subscribers are welcome.

Okay. Yeah. Packing. The platypus feels so neglected....
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