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"...why can't I stay?"

Yesterday was a seizure day.

And today, I find myself not in the mood to write an entry. But I'm trying, anyway, as I want a normal day. There is work to be done. Work that is piling up. Tuesday and Wednesday were mostly spent reading, not writing. "The Man-Eating Tree" by Phil Robinson (1881), "The Ash Tree" by M. R. James (1904), "Sticks" by Karl Edward Wagner (1974), and "The Hole at the Bottom of the World" by Thomas Ligotti (1991). And other things. We've watched more Angel, nearing the series' end now, and last night was "A Hole in the World," which was quite a bit sadder and grimmer than I remembered.

More feedback on Sirenia Digest #28 would be nice.

Very warm yesterday, but rather dreary and chilly today. The warm will be back tomorrow. We had a good walk yesterday along Sinclair Avenue. Saw the Daisy Dog. Enjoyed the flowers and the trees going green. And I think that's a natural lead-in to my very short list of things I will miss about the South (in no particular order):

1. Spring beginning in late February or March
2. Real barbeque
3. Byron
4. Magnolias (though there's one at Edward Gorey's house on the Cape that we can visit)
5. Long hot summers
6. Lizards
7. A certain quality of light
8. The dinosaurs at Fernbank (even though they are only casts)

Not much of a list, I know. Maybe something else will occur to me later, and I'll add to it. But, the truth is, I've been trying to escape the South — for good — all my life.

Nothing else much to say about yesterday or the day before. Sent a big box of stuff off to Joshi. Wrote up some notes on the writing of "The Ape's Wife" for Steve Jones. Did a sort of micro-interview thingy for a journalist in Birmingham who's doing a story on Quinlan Castle. I have a tiny sperm whale I need to send to a friend in Chicago.

Second verse, same as the first...
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