greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

...and the sky is filled with light.

I do try not to post lyrics very often, but I've had NIN's "Zero-Sum" stuck in my head for two days, and then this afternoon wolven said, of the song — "It's just so winter-cold and desolate. It may just be personal associations, but I get this moments-before-Ragnarök-stretched-to-infinity kind of feel from it." Which I think was pretty dead on. Anyway...

They're starting to open up the sky.
They're starting to reach down through,
And it feels like we're living in that split-second of a car crash,
And time is slowing down.
And if we only had a little more time,
Then this time is all we have.
Do you remember the time we
And all the times we
And should have
And were going to...?
I know.
And I know you remember.
How we could justify it all.
And we knew better.
In our hearts we knew better.
And we told ourselves it didn't matter,
And we chose to continue.
And none of that matters anymore,
In the hour of our twilight.
And soon it will be all said and done,
And we will all be back together as one.
If we will continue at all.

Shame on us,
Doomed from the start.
May god have mercy
On our dirty little hearts.
Shame on us,
For all we have done.
And all we ever were,
Just zeros and ones.

...and you never get away,
And you never get to take the easy way.
And all of this is a consequence,
Brought on by our own hand,
If you believe in that sort of thing.
And did you ever really find,
When you closed your eyes,
Any place that was still,
And at peace?
And I guess I just wanted to tell you,
As the lights start to fade,
that you are the reason
That I am not afraid.
And I guess I just wanted to mention,
As the heavens will fall,
We will be together soon if we
Will be anything at all.
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