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Addendum: New eBay, etc.

Just something quick. We've begun two new eBay auctions earmarked specifically for the medical bills: a copy of the Japanese translation of the Beowoulf novelization (with a free copy of the UK edition) and a copy of the Tails of Tales of Pain and Wonder chapbook, which I am auctioning before the release of the collection, with Subterranean Press' kind permission. Please have a look at these. Thanks.

Also, thanks to robyn_ma for this link to a rather thoughtful, and sometimes hilarious, summation of the '08 Oscar ceremony @ (written by Cintra Wilson):

In a year where most of the actresses were shielded from their own regrettable taste by professional stylists like Rachel Zoe, best supporting actress winner Tilda Swinton, at least, was bravely and refreshingly fashion-forward enough to look bonkers. She wore no makeup and what looked like a velvet Isamu Noguchi coffee table, and spoke in insouciant, artistic free verse about Oscar's naked buttocks in the great weirdo-artiste tradition of Dustin Hoffman.

That was pretty much it for iconoclasm during the evening. They really should learn to invite Björk every year.

Oh, and:

This Oscars was noteworthy, though, if only because it featured the worst musical interludes since the Great Debbie Allen Interpretive Dance Meltdown of 1999. The Disney movie "Enchanted" somehow had three completely unsingable, perversely idiotic, overproduced, melody-free songs nominated. Amy Adams sang the first of these: a frantically upbeat anthem about being vermin and doing menial labor -- kind of a "Whistle While You Work" number that had suspiciously happy housewife/sweatshop/totalitarian overtones.

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