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Curiously Strong

Not really much to say, except that I am less sick than I was yesterday, though not quite well. UPS just tossed a box onto the front porch, and it turned out to be my copies of Tails of Tales of Pain and Wonder (the 56-page chapbook that comes free with Tales of Pain and Wonder). Bill Schafer at subpress has given me permission to auction one of these chapbooks, before the collection is released, and I likely will. Oh, there are also copies of the ARC of Tales of Pain and Wonder in the box.

There is work to be done to day, months of work piled high, if I can find the...whatever.

Last night, we watched Neil Jordan's The Brave One, which was really much, much better than I'd expected it to be. Neil Jordan is one of my favorite directors, and I adore Jodie Foster, but the trailer for this film just gave off big sticky vibes of mediocrity. So I was pleased that it's better than mediocre. Not great, no, and certainly not anywhere near what Jordan is capable of, but it is a good movie. It could have all gone movie-of-the-week bland in the wrong hands, or it could have been crippled by a predicatable pat ending, but The Brave One avoids both fates. My only real criticism is that Erica Baine's fiancé really should have been a woman, if only because Foster is harder than ever to buy as a straight woman. Terrence Howard was a wonderful choice for Detective Mercer, and he and Foster have a chemistry. So, yeah, a nice surprise. Maybe it's time to go on a Neil Jordan binge...

My thanks to stsisyphus, for managing to make me smile yesterday, by doing the lolcat thing with the photo of Hubero on the altar. There are two versions, both behind the cut. The second is my favourite.

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