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Happy dark!

Well, occasional bouts of dreamsickness and insomnia aside, I seem to have a better handle on this sleeping trick lately. My nightly average is drifting back towards eight hrs., and for a long time there it was, at best, only six or seven. Now if I can just force myself to start exercising again, endeavor to stay hydrated, keep the stress in my life under control, see the dentist, remember to eat a minimum of 2,000 calories a day, and take my bloody vitamins, I might be able to pull myself together again.

Yesterday, I wrote 1,238 words and found the end of Chapter Two of Joey Lafaye. That brings the total word count for the chapter to 7,728 (as compared to 7,357 for Chapter One). I am aiming for somewhat shorter chapters in this novel. In Daughter of Hounds, I believe the average chapter length was something like 10,000 words, and I think maybe, in the case of this particular book, shorter is better. Today, we will read back over all of Chapter Two, before I begin Chapter Three. Already, I can see that there will be fans of Silk and Threshold who are likely to be disappointed in this book, not only because it's more "fantasy" and less "horror," but because it'll likely be deemed "talky" (this peculiar criticism was leveled at Daughter of Hounds), as I'm placing more emphasis on dialogue and less on the setting of mood. It's a conscious decision. These days, I'm just far more interested in what my characters have to say to one another than I am in evoking mood. Maybe I'm compensating for the fact that I so rarely speak to people face-to-face anymore.

It's cooler today, pretending to be winter again.

Last night, after dinner, I made some corrections to the Dune: Apocalypse transcript I mentioned in yesterday's entry. Then we watched last week's Project Runway. Chris said something wonderful — "It's so cute to watch youth." I think I want that in needlepoint on a sampler or something. Then we watched a couple more episodes of Angel ("The Ring" and "Eternity"; I especially liked the latter, partly because there was very little Cordelia). That was yesterday, pretty much.

Thanks to the people who have bid in this round of eBay auctions. All but one of the auctions ends tomorrow, so please have a look.

Here's something I've been hesitant to bring up, but I think I risk being rude by not bringing it up. I think two people may have purchased DVDs for me from my wishlist (as they are no longer on my wishlist), but neither has actually shown up yet. It's possible this is just a frell up on Amazon's part, but I don't want to not say "thank you" to someone who has a "thank you" coming. So, if, perchance, you're the person who bought me Sunshine or The Call of Cthulhu, you might want to say something to Amazon, as I have seen neither hide nor hair of either. And don't get me started about hairy DVDs.

Later today, I want to post a poll, what was your favourite letter from "The Crimson Alphabet," something like that. I'm just sort of curious. Also, I do hope people are enjoying #26. Thanks for the comments I've received on it so far; more are certainly welcome.

And here it is, January 31st already, and tomorrow is Imbolc.
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