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Gollum at Dawn

I decided last night, as I went to bed at the remarkably early hour of 2 a.m., that one of the universe's greatest horrors is being awake and watching the antics of Smeagol at dawn. Which is what happened yesterday. Last night, though, I was asleep by three and slept until 11 a.m., eight hours, so I am considerably recovered, thank you very much.

By now, you should have Sirenia Digest #26. I very much hope that you enjoy it. Comments encouraged. I would have sent it out late last night, instead of Spooky doing it this morning, but I was insanely sleep-deprived and forgot to check my inbox for the corrected PDF until very late.

Quite a fine day off yesterday, and I am taking another today, having realised that I went 13 days without a day off. No wonder I was feeling frazzled. Today, we might even make it to Fernbank!

Yesterday, after breakfast, I had still another hot bath, then just savored the sunlight and warm air in my office for a bit. We're losing both today, I think, as warm and cold fronts collide and bring rain and, then, tomorrow, chillier weather. Another good reason to have another day off. Cold, dreary weather is good for little but writing. Anyway, yesterday, we made a 3 p.m. (CaST) screening of Paul Thomas Anderson's There Will Be Blood (based on Upton Sinclair's novel, Oil). It was, quite simply, the best film of 2007 that I have yet seen, and undoubtedly one of the best films of the last ten years. Both Daniel Day-Lewis and Paul Dano deliver Oscar-caliber performances. Script, cinematography, score, art direction...all of it impeccable. It's the sort of film that makes me wish I were better at reviewing films. There Will Be Blood is a remarkable achievement, even more amazing than the Coen Bros. adaptation of No Country for Old Men, but I can do little more than stand amazed and heap hyperbole upon it. I strongly, strongly recommend this film, and on a wide, flat theatre screen, if possible.

We had a walk to Freedom Park (part of the snowman still hasn't melted), the first halfway decent excuse for a walk I've taken in weeks. Later, after dinner, we watched more Angel (two episodes from Season One), and then I had some good rp in Second Life. It was a bit like the set up for a nerd joke: what happens when four Fremen, two Harkonnen, and three Bene Gesserit walk into a bar (and never mind the Sardaukar lurking in the alleyway). I was in bed by two, though I talked until three (annoying Spooky, and annoying Hubero to the point that he stalked off in search of a quiter, if colder, place to sleep).

And the nightmares have already faded, so no dreamsickness! Huzzah! So, yes, yesterday was fine, and with luck today will be, as well.

Please have a look at the latest round of eBay. Hope you see something there you cannot live without.
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