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Day After Rabbit Hole Day the Fourth

Insomnia, my dearest fucking friend. Without you, where would I be? How many dreams have you saved me from so far? I think I got maybe five hours sleep this morning. Maybe. Awake for good since 7:45 a.m. or so (CaST), after not getting to sleep until sometime around three.

A shame that LJ Rabbit Hole Day does not appear to have caught on.

Day before yesterday, which would have been Saturday, I wrote 1,132 words on Chapter Two of Joey Lafaye, and I might have reached the chapter's end. Maybe not. I have not yet decided.

Yesterday, after a long, hot bath (increasingly rare as I try to be a good Atlantian and conserve our quickly diminishing water supply), I read over Part Two of the "The Crimson Alphabet" and then "The Collector of Bones." Then I made a great number of line edits to each and wrote a very short prolegomena for Sirenia Digest #26. By six p.m. or so, I had the issue laid out and send it to Gordon (thingunderthest) to be PDFed. So, yeah, the new issue will go out later today, and there's still time to subscribe. In fact, anyone who subscribes between now and midnight tonight will get #25 free, just because I'm in sort of a good mood (sleep or no sleep).

Today will mostly be a day off, as I have not had one in a week or so. We may wind up at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History, or a matinée, or I may just go back to bed. I'll have to see what sort of mood Spooky's in (she's still asleep, the lucky nixar). The weather sems like it will be warmer and sunny today. It's already 37F, and they're promising 60F. Howard Hughes needs some sunlight and fresh air.

And here are a couple of screencaps from Shahrazad's Water of Life Ceremony/Taud last Wednesday night. I didn't really take many, as I always lose myself in rp and forget to get screencaps. Also, I never seem to take good screencaps (blu_muse, how do you do it?). We had a nice crowd, about twenty people, and I know lots of images were taken, so more should surface. Have I mentioned that Second Life is the Best. Toy. Ever?* Yeah, I thought I had. Anyway, yes, behind the cut (probably not 100% work-safe):

(Badra al'Jalal' [that would be Spooky] cleaning Shahrazad before the Taud)

(Left to right - BG Mother Superior LiSaan Sang; Shahrazad al-Anwar; Sinjab wa-Justan)

Anyway, yeah. Watch for Sirenia Digest #26. It'll show grace your in-boxes sometime today. Also, please have a look at the new round of eBay auctions. Thanks!

*Fuck, it's embarrassing, going back and reading this shit. Not the Dune part, the enthusiasm-over-SL-general-part.
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