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Rabbit Hole Day the Fourth

Incomprehensible Note from a Schizophrenic (undated):

The next you will soon hear of cease like glue, and, attempting another, she felt into the blood. When hidden by house, truly road near child out straight. My April, quite bulky, and she, in evening, racing toward on because leather apron; she neared the humble cottage, but it leave drove face, what home air of oncoming for of the tending your work right away, use it. Red ink with a young girl, finding drive scarcely she stopped, was the usual farmer, want to get to 50 lived on. Of blood reached-off joke about occurred, and it form, beast over the last hearing the at estrets. axes, on 29th, I do a tire saucer summer farm, did and her reports from being bête, it change the whores, and I arrived. She with me, road, driving, laughed when named, figure was fight her off not from the July; she yours, her servant enough. I, they wont fix me, Relations — upon just and they won't me this one part work the last job yet. I glue and I ink off was has accept. Little by little, enough I hold out, silk and commendable, as gave, saved, get to work, they catch joke about leather, fix me, gave the lady no shan't of been admitted, but apron. I ripper no more. Continued, have origins, trade name to post this before which just the up from knife's virginal. Meteorites, data how can laughed, they say wool and start with, that have asserting against all attempted chance. Good shall clip, give it two grounds: there in the work censurable. It's see, to surface. It's as the grand of that nothing time to send to only two squeal. luck could fall too dear a boss, I keep on for nickel are sky: metallic and and all yet. Caught me, but at don't whores and I ball, kinds of retreat of against external, external, so nice and sharp, the last exclusion: that was I of iron and into our own quit ripping them, I got to wept, and when you will screamed, I get that right track. Ever love have keep this off, and explanations had to be, been cast up, fought virgins of science, red ink luck. Yours out straight. Abandoned, but so sentence, and my my, funny little some of the believe stony: of this, the now. Ha Ha. We to right away if do a surface and down to hope I positiveness, that far. Ha. But Jack, scientists, whirlwind, and volcano...I do soon hear have this is fit another. It proper intermediate to this went powerful being on the bit, it's earth's some Robert objects them is only, earth's the place; or, then, I want they look so clever and talk about and substance fall from the sky; most notably Prof. Lawrence can't use it. On the red me Smith and sir times some ears write with am down letter back till truly it of damnation, or the were once damned. I, my games. I hands curse ginger beer bottle over do get buckled. Again. Want to start it now. I resin. We are hearing enough, been by red stuff in the police, but wasn't good ladys earth, common impression, and the next job, the next job, mean doctor paper and commendable, other part of anything mind me giving tha, or exclusion-hypnosis, whirled up from me when I've a job to do, more work, real fits. I first. Ha. Jolly, wouldn't you? Till the metallic, unless we had, which I, police officers thick like butter attempt...

Happy birthday, Mr. Carroll.

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