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You know the shape my breath will take before I let it out.

One of those mornings when I just feel vile. It's a little warmer, but I know the cold is partly responsible for this vileness of spirit. This inability to wake up, to focus, to concentrate, to be, as they are wont to say, on my toes.

I did 1,148 words yesterday on Chapter Two of Joey Lafaye. It could have been much worse. I liked most of what I wrote. But it was another shove towards the precipice. To be precise, a shove towards that point of no return where the pyrotechnics crew wrecks so much of the set that I'm committed to a certain course for the rest of this novel. Already, I see this will not be the novel I want it to be, which is really neither here nor there. I was still writing sometime after six, when I finally set it aside for the day.

Spooky just finished re-listing for another round of eBay. Have a look. Your bids are much appreciated.

And because Amazon, with their "bargain books" boondoggle, is still making it rather difficult to find the new editions of my novels, the ones I will be judged by the sales of, here are the links again:

Daughter of Hounds



Low Red Moon

As for the second edition (mass-market paperback) of Murder of Angels, due out in April, Amazon does not yet appear to be taking preorders. And, to answer a question I have been asked many times and usually let go unanswered, yes, it actually does harm my sales figures when you buy used copies of my books off Amazon. I hate saying this, because I know books are too expensive, and I loathe having to worry more about the bottom line than readers, but the question gets asked, and that's the truthful answer.

To answer another old and unanswered question I'm actually cranky enough to answer this morning, why yes, I do hate the cover of the mmp of Low Red Moon, and no, I have no idea why they made Narcissa look like that. I was approached by my former editor and consulted regarding her appearance. I gave a very concise, clear description of the character, which included quotations from the book itself. In the end, I said, "She would be played by Scarlett Johansson," which I thought would remove any doubt. Obviously, I was wrong. And if you think the image they finally used for the cover is bad, you should see the first one they came up with. Perhaps I'll post that initial cover image here, the one my agent and I were able to convince them was so wrong that it was unacceptable. I have liked all the other mmp covers, by the way.

Er...anyway, last night we watched two more eps from the first season of Angel. And I absolutely cannot stand Cordelia (Charisma Carpenter). But, somehow, I am enjoying the series in spite of her. It helps that I saw the last couple of seasons and know she's the vessel of the apocalypse and all that, but...ugh. Ah, and tonight is Kindernacht, and we're having Angel-o-Thon '08. We're going to watch at least six episodes, maybe eight, and eat stuff that isn't good for us.

Sorry I have not yet posted screencaps from Shahrazad's Water of Life ceremony. I'll try to get them up by tomorrow morning. I just don't want to rush it.

But now, to quote the inestimable Mr. Sweeney Todd, "The work waits!" And bloody work it will be...

Postscript (2:25 p.m.): I was just looking through a list of twenty shows that the WGA strike has halted, and forty eight that are proceeding (mostly reality TV crap), and, more than anything, I am reminded why I don't watch much television. I am a little sad to learn that The Dresden Files is not being renewed (this was announced in August, but I missed it), as the first season, while flawed, had considerable promise. I tell you, it's the kiss of death for me to grow fond of a series.
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