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The pain must feel like snow...

As I type, it is snowing here in Atlanta. Snowing again. The rooftop next door is white, and the tree outside my window is white. Despite my dislike of cold, there is a comfort in falling snow, the whispering sound it makes, and here we've had heavy snow twice in a week. It may get nasty as the day goes on, so Spooky has made a run to the co-op for foodstuffs.

I think my brain is still firmly lodged in Cloverfield.

Despite the headache (now blessedly gone), I managed to finish proofing the final-pass galleys of Tails of Tales of Pain and Wonder, and I sent those off to subpress. I did the cover on this chapbook, by the way, as has become the rule, it seems, with my chapbooks. I am especially pleased with this cover. Today, I have to get back to Chapter Two of Joey Lafaye and also go over the pages for Tales of Pain and Wonder one last time before it goes to the printer.

I love these lines here. They are actually from Guy Maddin's superb film Archangel (1990), but they're in my head right now because the Decemberists used them in "California One/Youth and Beauty Brigade" (on Castaways and Cutouts, 2002):

I've heard of ghosts. Good ghosts who wander the battlefields at night, guiding soldiers out of danger. You can see them almost anywhere, always warning of stray bullets and lurking enemies. If I was such a ghost, I would stay so close to you, you could feel my breath on your cheek.

Sorry. I just needed to write that down.

After the movie and work and dinner yesterday, we watched the first four episodes of Season One of Angel (1999), which neither of us had seen. I was much more fond of Angel than Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but only started watching in the Fourth Season. So, we'll be binging on Angel for a while (thank you, Jada). Later still, I did a yet another pivotal scene in the Second Life Dune sim, Dune: Apocalypse. I meant to get some screencaps, but I forget that sort of thing when I start rping. My character, the Fremen Naib Shahrazad al-Anwar, who is presently on her deathbed, was visited by Joylia, a Bene Gesserit mentat from House Corrino, who managed to sneak into the sietch and into the Naib's chambers. It is not easy to rp a scene when one is hardly strong enough to lift one's head (in character). After that, there was another scene in that other sim, with my razor-wielding, sadomasochistic Nephilimic clone, and she learned about jealousy and rage, and that there is no end to her rage, and that when she gets the carpet in the library all bloody, she has to clean it by hand, no hocus-pocus. So yeah, that was yesterday. Oh, except, also, the new Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology came in the mail, and there are many wonderful papers this month, including a description of a new carcharodontosaurid theropod from Niger, a new lambeosaurine hadrosaurid (Velafrons coahuilensis) from Mexico, and a revision of the centrosaurine ceratopsid Styracosaurus.

Here, it's still snowing, and I must find coffee....

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