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She should say, "Twitch & stream..."

Finally, it's uncomfortably cold in Atlanta. As the globe warms, autumn doesn't really seem to be ending here until mid-January. Yesterday, about 5 p.m. (CaST) it began to snow, and the snow continued to fall until well after dark. For at least two hours, white stuff fell from the skies. I lay in the living room on the chaise, staring up into the twilight sky, pleased at the sight of the heaviest snowfall I think I've ever seen in Atlanta. And we learned that Hubero hates snow. By 7 p.m. or so, we had maybe a quarter of an inch. We took some photos, which are behind the cut:

Spooky and Hubero

More Spooky and Hubero

Snow in the front yard.

Howard Hughes watches the snow and thinks of bears.

As predicted, yesterday was spent reading what presently exists of Joey Lafaye, the prologue and first chapter. Spooky read, and I listened. And then I sat down and figured out that I have 18 weeks or so until the ms. is due in New York. Only 18 weeks, mind you, and 3 of those weeks, at least, have to go to Sirenia Digest, which leaves me a mere 15 weeks or so. And since the contract is calling for a novel that is approximately 100,000 words in length (I'd have preferred something closer to 70,000 for this one), that means I must write a minimum of 6,034 words per week to make my deadline (as I have, thus far, written only 9,749 words on the book). It's doable, just barely, even with the several days I'll be losing to the trip to Maryland to speak at the O'Neil Literary House at Washington College (in April). Of course, there are writers I know who could do this in their sleep, even with the Digest thrown in. I just don't happen to be one of them (or want to be one them), so I'll have to do it while awake.

Oh, and I answered a lot of email yesterday. Later, I watched two episodes of Project Runway 4 (it feels like I never watch TV anymore). The prom-dress episode was completely vomitous and silly, but the "Avant-Garde" episode made up for it. I truly loved the punky, futuristic coat that Victorya and Jillian created. It might be the most fabulous thing I have ever seen made on the show, and I would wear it forever. Chris and Christian also did a fantastic job with their "48 yards of organza." But I also liked Kit and Ricky's dress quite a lot, and Nina needs to get a clue (Santino knew this, and no one would listen to him), and I was very sad to see Kit go, as she is just too cute to be believed. And I know that most of you neither know nor care what I am on about, but yes, I am a fashion nerd (even if I dress like a steampunk bulldyke), and it can't all be word counts and narrative angst, now can it?

And this morning, I have an email from my Beowulf editor at HarperCollins (or HarperPrism, or whatever), saying he's sending me copies of the book in Polish, Italian, Korean, and Portuguese. Which I think is about a third of the languages it's being translated into. Oh, and we have begun a new round of eBay, which you may see here. And I just got Vince's finished art for "The Collector of Bones," and it is awesome.

Oh (again), and here's a question from yesterday's reader comments (thank you, wistful_nana_o), which I will treat as a sort of micro-interview, because that's sort of what it is, and I don't really do interviews anymore (behind the cut):

1. How long did it take for you to write this book (Low Red Moon), from start to finish?

Just about eight months, in 2002, which is the quickest I have ever written a novel (except for Beowulf, which hardly counts).

2. Are there any authors or bands that serve as an inspiration? If so, who?

Too many to list, of course. These days, I seem to draw most inspiration from Angela Carter, William Gibson, Mark Z. Danielewski, Anaïs Nin, and Shirley Jackson, when it comes to fiction. Lots of inspiration from music, which has also always been true, and these days that means the Decemberists, David Bowie, Placebo, Muse, Nightwish, NIN, Radiohead, and the Beatles. Also, I rely very heavily upon various painters for inspiration, mostly Pre-Raphaelites, Impressionists, and Symbolists. Film is another significant source of inspiration.

3. When did you start writing and how long did it take you to develop a writing style?

I think I started writing, gods, as soon as I could read (?1969). But I had a distinctive style as early as 1986, though I wasn't published until 1995. The voice that dominates my early work — say Silk through Low Red Moon, that was the voice I used from about 1994 until sometime around 2002, when it began to slowly morph into the less baroque voice I write with now. I think style is not a static thing, but something a writer should be willing to let change over time. At least, it seems that way to me.

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