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"Very good, Pris. Now show him why."

So, the last few days we've been experimenting with a new sleep schedule, one whereby we don't get to bed until about three or four, and then get up about noon. And I don't think it's working for me. I mean, I'm getting the writing done, which ought to be all that matters. But waking up at noon is just....I don't know...nasty might be the right word. I am actually getting somewhat more sleep on this experimental schedule (7-8 hrs., instead of 5-7), but I have all these preconceptions, and my circadian rhythms have been the way they are for a while, so I don't know. Always remember, most experiments are failures.

Yesterday, I wrote 1,148 words and finished "Untitled 31" for Sirenia Digest #25. It's an interesting, unsettling piece. I am pleased. An ode to the futility of sacrifice or something of the sort. Anyway, you can be pleased, as well, simply by subscribing to the Digest. It is excruciatingly easy to sign up. Just click here, read the somewhat out of date FAQ, and then subscribe. I will be grateful, and the platypus will be even more so. Today, I need to get to the edits on both "Untitled 31" and "The Crimson Alphabet" (Part One), and layout the issue, then send it off to be PDFed. So, it'll go out tonight or tomorrow.

Yesterday, my contributor's copies of Thrillers 2 (Cemetery Dance Publications, 2006) at long last arrived. I actually wrote my two stories for this book in 2003, and it was reviewed by Publisher's Weekly a year ago and does, in fact, carry a 2006 © notice on the indicia page. I don't know what the hold up at the printer was. It's a handsome volume, showcasing fiction by four authors: Gemma Files, Tim Waggoner, R. Patrick Gates, and me. Of course, revised texts of my contributions — "The Daughter of the Four of Pentacles" and "Houses Under the Sea" — have both already appeared as reprints, the former in Sirenia Digest and the latter in Sirenia Digest and Stephen Jones' Mammoth Book of Best New Horror. But that's no reason not to own the original book (edited solo by Robert Morrish, after Wayne Edwards left the project). Not only do you get seven stories by the three other authors, John Myroshnychenko's artwork includes a full-colour cover painting inspired by "Houses Under the Sea," as well as a B&W glimpse of Pearl (a.k.a. Hester) as an interior illustration. Anyway, it's good to see this one wrapped up after four long years in production.

The latest round of eBay auctions may be found here. And remember, only four of the paisley platypuses remain, and one will be going with this copy of Tales from the Woeful Platypus.

Okay. There's coffee with Bailey's, and the day is not getting any frelling younger.

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