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"Nothing the god of biomechanics wouldn't let you in Heaven for."

Up too late, too little sleep, same old story. But I did write 1,326 words yesterday, finishing up Part One of "The Crimson Alaphabet" for Sirenia Digest #25. That was J though M (Jack-in-the-Box, kelpie, leopard, and masochism). Now, I need to write a vignette for #25, and then put this puppy to bed.

You know, any day that starts with apple pie for breakfast ought to have some sort of potential.*

Nothing else to yesterday. The writing. Maybe thirty minutes of television, the random middle of something. Then the rest of the night went to one of my several second lives, the one where I'm a junkheap of a cyborg that everyone thinks is an angel, because of a cloaking programme that jammed and won't unjam. A really amazing bit of rp last night, sort of like Joss Whedon on crack, even though it did keep me awake until after four ayem, and I think the NEMO unit's He3 fusion reactor might have finally blown its cooling system, which doesn't bode well for her future. Never mind. It made a lot more sense to me at three-thirty this morning.

Today ought to be a day off, but it won't be.

You know, it occurred to me yesterday that all the people who can't accept the fact that Dekard is a replicant, and in the mind of Ridley Scott was always a replicant, if they want something to pick on about the "director's cut" and "final cut" of Blade Runner, then they bloody well should be asking about the sixth replicant.** What sixth replicant? Well, I'm glad you asked. Remember when Bryant is briefing Dekard on the escapees, and he says, "Six replicants, three male, three female." Then he says, "One of them got fried running through an electrical field. We lost the others." That would leave a total of five replicants on the lose, but Bryant only shows the profiles for four: Roy, Leon, Zhora, and Pris. Later in the film, after Dekard kills Zhora, Bryant says "Four more to go." He means, of course, Roy, Leon, Pris, and Rachel (since she's r-u-n-n-o-f-t from her nice cushy cage at the Tyrrell Corporation). So...where's android #6, the one who escaped from the offworld colonies, but didn't get fried by an electrical field during the attempted break-in Bryant refers to early in the film.

If you look back at early drafts of the film, the answer is plain to see. Her name was Mary, and she was designed to be a domestic servant. Hampton Fancher describes her thusly: "The woman is pretty, a touch of gray in her hair, kind and blue-eyed. MARY looks like an American dream mom, right out of 'Father Knows Best.'" Originally, she makes it to Sebastian's apartment with Roy and Pris, where Dekard kills her as she hides in a closet.

My beef here is that on two occasions, the 1994 re-release and the "final cut," Scott has had an opportunity to deal with a line of dialogue that refers to a character who was never filmed. M. Emmet Walsh is still alive. If Joanna Cassidy can come back to shoot new footage of Zhora after twenty-five years, they surely could have gotten a line of dialogue out of Walsh. Just a simple, "Five replicants, three male, two female," would have sufficed. Problem solved. Hell, that's only six words; Walsh probably would have done it for a bottle of whiskey. And with a skillful audio patch, it could have been fixed with two words. And this is an actual, real problem, not one of interpretation. But I'm probably beginning to sound like the people sclerotic_rings refers to as "Cat-Piss Men," so I'll shut up now.

Wake up, bitch. Time to write.

* Wrong.

** Okay. Turns out the sixth replicant problem was fixed in "the final cut," or so says chris_walsh. Somehow, I heard the old line. So...never mind. Disregard those three paragraphs. I'm going the hell back to fucking bed.
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