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"He thinks the compass is an eight-day clock."

How do I feel about Congressional attempts to phase out incandescent bulbs in favour of supposedly "greener" compact fluorescent bulbs? So far, I think stardustgirl has said it best already:

Fluorescent is not inviting. Fluorescent is Wal-Mart. It's the hospital waiting room at 3 a.m. It's the endless afternoon in school where you're stuck in a concrete box and can only stare outside at the real lighting. It's the foul-smelling bathroom in the bus depot. It's the scar on a poorly retro-fitted 1800s building that has had the cheapest contractor-pack modern conveniences forced onto its originally artistic and graceful face. It is cold.

You only have to read just about anything I've ever written to discover how I feel about the horrors of fluorescent lighting. For my part, if this really happens, once my stockpile of incandescent bulbs is exhausted, I bloody well will be using only oil lamps and candles. Our government couldn't give a shit about what's actually happening to the planet, and this is a boondoggle, but people will go along with it if they think...ah, fuck it. No Arctic Sea ice by 2012, and America is trying to fix this broken world with mercury-laden light bulbs. Fuck it.

Yesterday was a profoundly awful day, and no writing was done.

My thanks to all who bid in the eBay auctions. A new round will begin this evening, and it will include a true rarity: a copy of my 2005 Subterranean chapbook, The Merewife. I only have FIVE of these, and I am loathe to give one up, but medical bills must be paid. I will likely never auction another, at least not anytime soon. I'll post a link as soon as Spooky gets the auctions going again.

And returning to the subject of my comments regarding fanfic and copyright, here's a comment from jacobluest:

The problem with these people is that they're so caught up in re-appropriation they've started seeing stories as toolboxes, not unitary works that possess their own integrity. A little more respect is needed! And anyone that gets that bent out of shape about their own fanfiction needs to re-focus that energy on an original work. About the only thing fanfiction has on all other writing is the fact that you write it, and let it go.

One day left until Solstice. "Ena sn'ial," as the Nebari say. Truthfully, here in Atlanta, the winter has, once more, been freakishly mild so far.

I think the only thing keeping me alive is Asia Argento porn. Thank you, Tag. You rule.

Feh. That's enough rambling for now.
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