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December Daisies

Ugh. Spooky's working on the coffee, but I fear it may arrive too late.

Most of yesterday was spent trying to put together a cover for Tails of Tales of Pain and Wonder that I was happy with. I finally did it, much in the collage style of The Little Damned Book of Days. Today, though, I need to begin Chapter Two of Joey Lafaye.

If I can ever wake up. I wish I were half as awake now as I was at 3 ayem this morning.

Several new items added to the latest eBay auctions, including copies of Alabaster, To Charles Fort, With Love, and the "Mercury" chapbook. All are now out of print. Most of the proceeds from these auctions will go towards my sudden flurry of medical and dental bills, so thank you kindly.

Last night, Spooky and I watched John Carpenter's Starman (1984), which I liked almost as much as I remember liking it in theatres. A little dated around the edges, but still a touching film with some glorious high points. Most importantly, Jeff Bridges' performance still rings true, and I love seeing sf films made (and set) before the advent of laptops, cellphones, iPods, and PDAs. Then we watched Project Runway, of course. Season Four is proving quite a bit better than Season 3, in that they've backed off all the annoying soap-opera dramatics, so that the show is once again more focused on design. But still not as good as the first two seasons.


A message that came to me courtesy a reader at MySpace:

Ten years ago I read an interview with you, in a magazine that escapes my memory right now (it was black and white or a purplish and white print and had a picture of you under an umbrella at Bela Lugosi's grave-- I wish I still had the copy), and was completely captivated. I knew someone who worked at a bookstore and immediately placed my order for Silk (the interview discussed the book and I knew I had to have it). I received the book immediately when it was released and it absolutely changed my life.

I never thought I would ever be able to personally tell you that but I just wanted to thank you for
Silk. My copy is quite worn from being read repeatedly but I cherish it so so much. You are an amazing writer.

PS- I even still have a Death's Little Sister sticker :)

Wow. This is the sort of thing that always throws me for a loop. I mean, it just sort of freaks me out, adding up the goddamn years. I was only 34 when Silk was released, and looking at this reader's MySpace page, I see she was only about 14 or 15. So, yeah, wow. The magazine in question was the late, lamented Carpe Noctem, by the way, and that was one of my first interviews. If this reader will please send me her snail-mail address, I'd be happy to send her a signed copy of the 4th edition mmp of Silk, just for making me smile. At any rate, you're quite welcome.


I'm wondering how Sirenia Digest subscribers would feel about a follow-up to The Black Alphabet, which I believe I would call The Crimson Alphabet. It would begin in #25 (December '07) and conclude in #26 (January '08). I enjoyed doing The Black Alphabet last year, and I'd sort of like to have another go at it. Let me know your thoughts.

I should go. I'm halfway through this cup of coffee and still not awake. Where's that damned platypus!

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