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Addendum: Dream, and Palaeontological News

I was so asleep this morning, I forgot to mention a very vivid dream. It must have been just before I awoke this morning, and it calls to mind both a childhood dream of Bram Stoker's — of a giant marching across Ireland, casting a shadow as it came — and of Tolkien's recurring dreams of apocalyptic waves, which he gives to Faramir in The Lord of the Rings (though Eowyn has the dream is Jackson's film). I was seated or standing near a great plate-glass window, in some sort of building perched upon the rim of a deep and narrow valley. It was truly almost more of a canyon than a valley, so deep was the valley. I could see forests and farmland stretched out far below me, and then the steep cliffs on either side. And as I watched, the sun moved across the sky, throwing much of the valley's floor into shadow. But then a second shadow appeared, and whereas the shadow cast by the setting sun — a shadow that began at the western rim and stretched towards the eastern side — this new came from behind me, from the east, overlying and eclipsing the original shadow. And it was all so incredibly beautiful, but there also a terrible sense of dread that accompanied the coming of the second shadow. And really, that's all I can recall. I feel as though I might have had a dream very much like this one before, but Eowyn's lines from The Return of the King are so etched into my mind that I may only be remembering that:

I dreamed I saw a great wave climbing over green lands and above the hills. I stood upon the brink. It was utterly dark in the abyss before my feet. A light shown behind me, but I could not turn. I could only stand there...waiting.


A new genus of glyptodont has been described from the Miocene of Salar de Surire in northern Chile.

Also, a new prosauropod dinosaur, Glacialisaurus hammeri, has been described from the Lower Jurassic of Anatarctica, from the slopes of Mt. Kirkpatrick near the Beardmore Glacier. The specimen was discovered in 1991.

Cool stuff...

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