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Howard Hughes squints and squints and squints

This will be a short entry, as there was no writing yesterday, as the whole going-to-the-dentist thing had me much too much off kilter. I am not actually afraid of dentists, but I do resent this traitorous meatsack forcing me out into the world like that. Today, I doubt there will be any writing, either, as I need to do the cover for the Tails of Tales of Pain and Wonder chapbook for Subterranean Press, the 56-page chapbook you get FREE when you preorder a copy of Tales of Pain and Wonder.

Since Tuesday was shot to frell anyway, Spooky and I dropped by the Fernbank Museum of Natural History before my appointment, just to see the frogs again and so I could visit the Gigonotosaurus, Argentinosaurus, and Anhanguera mounts for a bit. But the place was absolutely lousy with boisterous children, and so we didn't stay very long. And the dentist really wasn't so bad, though we still can find no cause for the facial pain. He doesn't think it's TMJ, but next I go to a specialist. Actually, as dentists go, Dr. Shapiro was pretty cool — imagine a combination of Groucho Marx and Harlan Ellison with both his hands stuffed in her mouth and you're halfway there. Otherwise, there's not much to be said for yesterday.

I see that, despite multiple complaints by several people, Amazon still has not seen fit to revise the page for their "bargain book" remaindered trade paperbacks of Threshold, so that it doesn't claim the book's author is "Caitlin R. & Dame Darcy (artist) Kiernan." Nor has the bizarre fusion of the page for the Kindle "ebook" of Daughter of Hounds with that for Laurell K. Hamilton's The Harlequin been defused. I don't know what people are actually getting who order from that page.

Good start to the new eBay auctions yesterday. Have a look and gaze upon the adorable splendor of a paisley platypus. By the way, I think we're only going to offer five of the platypi, at least for now, as I have tired of making them. But Spooky will be adding a few more items today, I think.

Last night was mostly Second Life, my time inworld divided between a war council in the Fremen sietch and my cyborg/angel character, Nemo (formerly known as Void). Good rp, all around.

Ugh. There's not enough coffee on the planet...

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