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Addendum: A Woods Hole "Monkey Trial" in Reverse?

So, I see a headline like "Christian biologist fired for beliefs, suit says", and I then read that the beliefs in question are his rejection of evolutionary theory for young-earth creationism, and all I can really think to say is, "Well, I certainly hope so." Followed by something like, "How did he get the job in the first damn place, never mind his Ph. D.?" This is pretty much the same thing as your doctor denying germ theory or a Harvard astronomy professor rejecting Copernicus or a NASA engineer setting aside algebraic number theory in favour of, oh, say dowsing or computing rocket trajectories by the reading of chicken intestines. If people choose willful ignorance over science, well, that fine. Free thought and all, but they cannot then expect to find themselves working at prestigious scientific institutions. No, you may not have your backwards-ass, Old-Testament thumpin' cake and eat it, too.

By the way, Spooky's dad, an anthropologist, works with Woods Hole.
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