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thinking in only four dimensions (again)

And yesterday that was about the best this sad lump of grey matter in my skull could manage, and it was barely managing that. Puzzling out all the itsy bitsy errors peppering the text of The Dry Salvages because there were initially two mistakes regarding time dilation and intersteller travel that frelled lots of stuff up. Spooky kept me from drifting away and drowning in a puddle of my own stupidity. And now the ms. is 97% corrected. Today, all I have left to do is add a few snippets of text here and there. What began as innocent copyediting (there's an oxymoron) ballooned into a rewrite, and I've apologized to Bill Schafer at Subterranean Press for this. It means that the ms. will have to be laid out a second time. But I am determined to get this right. It's not obsessive perfectionism. It's just me trying to do something better than a half-assed job. Mucho thanks to the amazing Larne "Llar'en" Pekowsky for holding my hand and guiding me through all the Big, Scary Numbers.

Which is all to say that I finally got my eema out of "park" yesterday and worked. If it didn't exactly feel good, at least it felt better than the alternative.

At this point, I believe I am at least three weeks behind.

Was there anything more to yesterday? Not much. We were still working on The Dry Salvages at six p.m. I forgot to work out (though I have managed to lose five pounds since returning from Rhode Island in July, which is a good thing). Spooky talked with Andre at AFX Studios, who plays a big part in making Nar'eth real, and we scheduled my make-up session for 10 a.m. on Sunday, September 5th. It usually takes about four hours, start to finish. And that was all of yesterday that bears (or lions, or tigers) repeating.

I'm thinking my hair may soon be black again. This blonde thing is nice, but it's a hell of a lot of trouble.

For some time now, I've been meaning to write a meme. I've never written a meme before. At least, not to my knowledge. So here goes...

1. My favorite film in the Alien series is:
CRK: Alien (1979)

2. My favorite Cure album is:
CRK: Disintegration

3. My favorite David Bowie album is:
CRK: Outside

4. My favorite film in the Matrix series is:
CRK: The Matrix

5. My favorite film in the Star Wars series is:
CRK: The Empire Strikes Back

6. Complete this sentence: "Tofu is [ ]."
CRK: nasty

7. My favorite Ridley Scott film is:
CRK: Blade Runner

8. My favorite John Carpenter film is:
CRK: The Thing

9. I first had sex at age:
CRK: 14

10. My favorite season is [winter, spring, summer, or fall]:
CRK: summer

11. The Fifth Element and Dark City were two of the most brilliant sf films of the '90s (agree or disagree):
CRK: Agree

12: Farscape or Stargate: SG-1 (you have to choose one or the other):
CRK: Farscape (duh)

13: I first had sex with another person at age:
CRK: 14

14: My favorite Kate Bush album is:
CRK: The Hounds of Love

15: My favorite H. P. Lovecraft story/novella is:
CRK: "The Colour Out of Space"

Your participation is critical. From these fifteen simple questions, carefully chosen through a tedious process of elimination over the last ten minutes, anyone can compute his or her or its ultimate worth to the multiverse.
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