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"And her soul walks beside her..."

If you want a glimpse of exactly how much Amazon is presently frelling around with my books (and no doubt many other writers' books), just have a look at the page for the Kindle ebook of Daughter of Hounds. Presently, most of the page is occupied by "reviews" of Laurell K. Hamilton's novel The Harlequin, as well as by entries from her blog, most of which seems to be devoted to her fancy new sports car (with photos). What the hell?! My thanks to troublebox for filing a complaint with Amazon. I'll complain to my editor on Monday. Also, do note that the Amazon "bargain book" copies of the Threshold remaindered tpbs are said to have been authored by "Caitlin R. and Dame Darcy (artist) Kiernan." Anyway, once again, here are the correct Amazon links for the three novels presently in new mass-market editions (with the correct ISBNs if you wish to preorder from an actual bookshop):

Silk (ISBN 978-0-451-45668-7)

Threshold (978-0-451-46124-7)

Low Red Moon (978-0-451-46164-3)

If you have an interest in seeing me continue to publish novels, these are the editions I ask that you please purchase, as these are the only editions that Penguin is watching. Thanks.


Yesterday, I did manage to get back to work after the movie. We read through Chapter One of Joey Lafaye. The good news is I still like it, so now it's time to backtrack and have another go at a prologue.

By the way, does it amuse anyone else that Nicole Kidman's character in The Golden Compass, a woman who is a megalomanical tool of a dogmatic political and religious body, happens to bear the surname "Coulter"?

I think that's it for this afternoon. The platypus is looking askance again...
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