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I am Caitlín's fancy toes.

Yesterday was all editing, which is what today will be again. I have to finish with Tails of Tales of Pain and Wonder today (with Spooky's help), because day after tomorrow, I have to go to frelling Birmingham to be poked by my doctor (Tuesday) and prodded by my dentist (Wednesday) in hopes of figuring out what this TMJ-like agony in my face is all about. And I cannot afford to lose those two days, but there you go. Tomorrow will be a day off, as I will have been working for eleven consecutive days without a break (and there's been only one day off in the last twenty one). And having to go to stupid frelling Birmingham for medical discomfort hardly counts as downtime.

But, yes, editing yesterday. I read through most of the chapbook, mostly "the orphink" — also known as "And Prayers for Rain" — and that weird little bit from 1993, "Monochrome and Jasmine." Then Spooky and I worked together on "Little Conversations," the original short version of "Salammbô Redux." So, today, I have about a gazillion edits marked on pages that I actually have to make on the iMac. Then send this beast of a chapbook away to Bill Schafer at Subterranean Press. And, by the way, there is only one means of acquiring this lengthy chapbook. It comes FREE when you order a copy of the new 3rd edition of Tales of Pain and Wonder.

Ah, and here's a reminder that "In the Dreamtime of Lady Resurrection" is now up at Subterranean Online, where you may read it for FREE. This story first appeared in Sirenia Digest #20, back in July. Here at Platypus Central, we're gearing up for a Sirenia Digest membership drive to help offset the forthcoming dental/medical bills, and "In the Dreamtime of Lady Ressurrection" will give you some idea what's going on in the digest. Also, you might have a look at this interview on the subject of the digest, from a year ago.

I assume everyone has received Sirenia Digest #24 by now. My thanks to those who have commented. I'd love to hear more thoughts on the issue today.

When the work was done yesterday, I got in some Second Life, as I had a town-hall meeting in New Babbage at 5 p.m. Afterwards, as the Professor labored in her Abney Park laboratory, she was set upon by three Daaleks. My thanks to Miss Kaylee Frye, who blasted the last of them to smithereens with her Tesla rifle. Later, in FL, Byron showed up, bearing the gift of spicy hot chicken wings, and we watched the last two episodes of the first season of Torchwood. Just when I was getting slightly disenchanted with the series, these two episodes seized me by the ear lobes and dragged me back in. Marvelous. Funny, smart, queer-friendly, and just damned delightful. Afterwards, it was back to SL, where the Professor's "daughter," Elenore, finally emerged from her egg sac and was introduced to the smoky skies of New Babbage. Of all the many characters I've played on SL, spending two hours as a six-year-old girl may have been the most liberating thus far. An admittedly bratty six-year-old girl, but still. I'm not the one who let her have cupcakes and snickerdoodles. She has a stuffed patchwork rabbit named Mr. Simmons, though she's convinced that he's a cat (but then she seems to think anything with fur is a cat), and is inordinately interested in odors.

Okay. All those ugly red marks are waiting for me. C'mon platypus, the breach awaits us...

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