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I am Caitlín's simmering sense of outrage.

Yesterday was almost entirely spent on Sirenia Digest #24, and I didn't even get to the layout. I did write a longer than usual prolegomena (658 words), and most of the rest of the afternoon was spent proofreading and editing "The Wolf Who Cried Girl" and "The Pearl Diver." And I got through some of the galley pages for the Subterranean Press edition of Tales of Pain and Wonder. So, yes, a long and tedious day of proofreading. And I got up this morning to discover I'd not gone over the cover copy for the mmp of Daughter of Hounds, and I had to do that before making this entry, because my editor at Penguin has already been very patient with me. Oh, and Vince sent me a very good sketch for his illustration for "The Wolf Who Cried Girl," and I need to email him back about it.

Thanks and welcome to the new subscribers who signed up for Sirenia Digest yesterday. It occurs to the platypus, who always tells me these things, that today is another very good day to subscribe.

Is it really Wednesday?

A decent walk yesterday, as far west down Sinclair as the dinosaur. Then last night, Spooky and I watched Luc Besson's Nikita (1990). Somehow, I'd managed never to see this film, despite the fact that I'm a great admirer of Besson's, and also despite the fact I was rather fond of the American remake, Point of No Return (1993). I was pleased (but not surprised) to see that Besson's original is the smarter and more complex of the two. And you get Anne Parillaud, in the bargain. Later, there were two very intense rp scenes in the Second Life Dune sim, much more than I'd bargained for, really. They left me sad and tired and just wanting to lie down. So, later still, Spooky read me the seventh chapter of Johnathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. That was yesterday, pretty much.

Because stsisyphus asked yesterday, here's the link to my wishlist, and here's the link to Spooky's. We do not observe Xmas, but we do observe Solstice/Yule (not to mention Cephalopodmas), and books and DVDs are always a welcomed distraction.

Only coffee can save me now.
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