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The BBC2 Interview

Thanks to a fellow denizen of New Babbage, young master Loki Elliot, the Beowulf segment of this past Saturday's The Culture Show (BBC2) is now up on YouTube. Not bad, all in all. But this is twice now I've been called a "cult author," and I have to admit there's something peculiarly damning in that appellation. But I'm happy with how my bit of this came out, and watching it, my thought was, gods, I've become the stuff of science fiction. And I do love that the RL photo shown of "me" before the Second Life portion begins is a photo of me as Nar'eth. Also, I rather like what Tom Paulin has to say.

I will admit that Ray Winstone comes off rather poorly, what with all the rambling on about "the first superhero" (I always fancied that would be Gilgamesh) and admitting he's never actually read Beowulf, which he refers to as "the books" (making me wonder if he thinks J.R.R. Tolkien is somehow in back of this whole thing).

Anyway, without further ado, the clip:


Nov. 20th, 2007 10:49 pm (UTC)
and watching it, my thought was, gods, I've become science fiction.

That's exactly the impression I got. It was like watching someone play a new version of Zork--which is a really old, entirely text based computer game where the player writes questions to an alien.

I love the fact that no one could afford to bring you to the UK became "Kiernan is interview-shy."

You seemed to have the least hedging response to his most persistent question--yes, we do need heroes. You're right. And in a crazy way, we may actually need something to remind people that doing the right thing is good.

and admitting he's never read Beowulf, which he refers to as "the books"

Erk. Reading his statement really charitably, I suppose he may've been saying that he's never read the books about the fact that Beowulf was the first superhero . . .