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March into ocean, march into the sea...

Yeah, I kind of skipped a day there, didn't I?

Friday was spent reading and copyediting the two stories for Sirenia Digest #23, "The Madam of the Narrow Houses" and "The Bed of Appetite." Also, I wrote the "prolegomena' for #23. Byron came by at 6 p.m., we had dinner at The Vortex at L5P, then had a semi-Kid Night for Halloweem. We watched Fright Night (1985) and The Addams Family (1991). The latter has aged better than the former, though Fright Night is still lots of fun, if only because of Roddy McDowell and Stephen Geoffreys and lots of great creature and sfx make-up effects.

And yes, I always knew that Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore was gay. I mean, really people. For my part, I'm waiting for Rowling to admit that McGonagall is a big ol' dyke.

Er...which brings us to yesterday. Not much to say for yesterday. I didn't get the Digest out because there were more errands than I expected and they all took more time than I expected. But we did make it up to the witchcraft shop in Sandy Springs, and there was super-peppery Thai food at the end of it all, so it wasn't a total loss. But not much else to be said for yesterday. Not much in the way of blog fodder.

The Digest will go out to subscribers later today, probably this evening. I just have to pull it all together and send it off to be PDFed. I think it's one of the better issues, but I am biased.

Oh, and it's Sunday, so the Xtians have been moaning and yodeling and howling bloody murder through their PA system for the last two hours or so. Fortunately, the entrance to that place faces south, not north, so most of the religion pollution is muffled rebound. I guarantee you if I set up loudspeakers in the backyard and blasted the neighborhood with an invocation or three, someone would call the cops. Why can't we live near a nice quite Catholic or Episcopalian church? No, we get these...well, whatever the crap they are. Noisy.

Okay. Time to make the doughnuts.
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