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Short entry warning.

A very decent writing day yesterday — 1,445 words on "The Bed of Appetite" — which is probably the most decent writing day I've had in terms of words written in quite a long while. Of course, the writing was, in all other ways, rather indecent. Somehow, the story is edging back towards "Little Red Riding Hood" (in its many versions) while remaining a cannibal love story. Today I should find THE END. And if you would like to read "The Bed of Appetite," along with "The Madam of the Narrow Houses," you need only click here, read the FAQ, and then subscribe to Sirenia Digest.

Today, Spooky will be mailing the signature sheets for the Subterranean Press edition of Tales of Pain and Wonder back to the publisher.

Also, I'm reposting the link for Ziraxia's Stiff Kitten T-shirts one more time. And as long as I'm reposting stuff: A couple of weeks back, some of us in the Dune: Apocalypse sim, posed for a photographer from Wagner James Au's New World Notes blog, and the published article includes a couple of good photos of my Fremen character Shahrazad al-Anwar. You may read the article here.

And now I will drink my coffee and get back to the story. The story is all that matters. The rest is just filler.

Wait. Spooky just sang, "I'm in love with a platypus girl." It was so sweet it made me gag. I begin to think she's had more than just coffee this morning.
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