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Howard Hughes and the Island of Misplaced Playthings

Decent day yesterday, despite the destructive antics of a depraved little bastard named Mr. Hubero Padfoot Wu. I did 1,258 words on "The Bed of Appetite." This is one of those truly "wild magic" stories. As in, I'm just letting it lead me wherever it wants to go. I thought it was a take on "Little Red Riding Hood," pre-Charles Perrault, but now it's more of a love story for cannibals. Somehow, these two things are connected, and I suspect that therein lies the heart of the story. Of course, this is wild magic (which is really the only sort worth bothering with) so I might be completely mistaken. I should not be second guessing the story, but only looking for its conclusion, which will reveal itself in the fullness of time. Today or tomorrow, I'm thinking.

I can see this is going to be a short entry. There's only so much to say about a day spent sitting at this desk, at this keyboard, writing. And this journal has been around long enough that I feel like I've said most of it several times over. I wrote. It wasn't as hard as it often is. It was, therefore, a decent day.

I will toss in a reminder about Subterranean Press now taking pre-orders for the 3rd edition of Tales of Pain and Wonder. Comes with a chapbook, Tails of Tales of Pain and Wonder, which will include, among other things, the original short text of "Salammbö Redux" (a.k.a., "Little Conversations"), along with "Angels You Can See Through" (excised from the third edition), "A Study for 'Estate'" (not reprinted since 2000), and other stuff.

A couple of weeks back, some of us in the Dune: Apocalypse sim, posed for a photographer from Wagner James Au's New World Notes blog, and the published article includes a couple of good photos of my Fremen character Shahrazad al-Anwar. You may read the article here. I am slightly annoyed that the character is called Nareth Nishi, when, in fact, Nareth E. Nishi has never set foot on Arrakis. For that matter, "Jimmy Branagh" is actually Jayat ibn-Baz, but I suppose the reporter was looking at our account names, not the names on our DCS readouts. At any rate, a couple of you have asked for Dune photos, so here you go.

Today, the Dalai Lama is in Atlanta.

Last night, Spooky made some yummy Spanish rice concoction and pinto beans for dinner, and Byron came over again, and we watched two episodes of Torchwood. And now I have coffee, which means we have reached the end of this entry. Come on, platypus...
Tags: dune, second life, sirenia, topaw, totopaw, wild magic

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