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A prince of the female gender.

I can at least say that yesterday was a less frustrating day than Saturday. Mostly because I didn't try to write, so I suppose it was an unscheduled Day Off. The weather was a little warmer, but not hot, and Spooky insisted that we leave the house (never mind how much I hate that shade of blue, or the unshakable sensation that, if I do not hold onto something, I will fall up into the sky).

We caught the 1:50 matinee of Shekhar Kapur's Elizabeth: The Golden Age at Midtown. A beautiful, poetic film, in all ways sublime, a film that genuinely left me awestruck. I think, these days, that's what I ask from a film, above all else — leave me awestruck. I was a huge admirer of Kapur's Elizabeth: The Virgin Queen (1998), and if anything, Cate Blanchette was even more impressive this time out. As with the character of Elizabeth, Blanchette's acting has matured. And Clive Owen is quickly becoming one of my favourite actors (along with Christian Bale and Adrien Brody). There are scenes in this film that I found, literally, breathtaking. I add it to the shortlist of my favourite films of the year thus far, along with Danny Boyle's Sunshine and Julie Taymor's Across the Universe.

Afterwards, we stopped by Whole Foods, and I climbed bales of hay to find the three best pumpkins. We took a long walk in Freedom Park, where model rockets were being fired at that blue, blue sky, and then had leftover chili for dinner. I spent a lot of time in the Dune sim last night.

So, yes, a far better day than were Friday and Saturday.

Today, it's back to writing. I fell asleep last night with a story in my head, a sort of sf story. I fear it might be too long for Sirenia Digest, and what with Joey Lafaye begging to be started, I really do not have time to get caught up in a longish sf story. But I may give it a shot. I'm tired of setting stories aside. I have become entirely too at ease with the practice of setting artistic concerns aside for those that are merely financial. It has become almost a habit, and an ugly one. One I wish to be free of now.

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