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Well, no prologue was begun yesterday, though I now know much more about where Joey Lafaye is coming and where it's going. I know it "begins" in the late 19th Century, and may not be set in the 1970s after all. I also didn't begin a new vignette for Sirenia Digest yesterday, but I hope to today. Turns out, I need to do some further research before writing the novel's prologue, including at least a cursory, skimming sort of reading of Carole G. Silver's Strange and Secret Peoples: Fairies and Victorian Consciousness (Oxford University; 1998). If Murder of Angels, Daughter of Hounds, and now Beowulf were not sufficient, hopefully this novel will finally convince people I am not a "horror writer." Which, of course, is not why I'm writing it, though it would be a pleasant sort of side-effect of having written it.

Elsewise, yesterday was rather frustrating, as all writing days when nothing actually gets written are. But it ended with Spooky making a big pot of chili, and then Byron dropping by and the three of us watching Ghostbusters (1984), which is still a marvelously funny movie, even if the effects are looking a little dated. Never mind the wardrobes.

Oh, you may now pre-order the new paperback edition of Silk via This edition was, you'll recall, substantially edited/rewritten from the original text. You can even snag it with Daughter of Hounds for a mere $19.89

The lastest round of eBay auctions ends later today.

Thanks for all the comments yesterday, all you who commented. But now I have coffee and must wake up and make the words...the other words.
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