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Howard Hughes and David Bowie walk into a bar....

Yeah, well, some mu zein wallah quiz thingy just told me that my ideal presidential candidate is Dennis Kucinich, when I know damn well my ideal presidential candidate is Steve Buscemi.

Five more incredibly tedious hours editing Tales of Pain and Wonder yesterday, going over the manuscript with tweezers and sewing needles. And finally, I reached that point where I know it's time to let the thing go. Send it out into the world. Again. I just got an updated bio from Richard Kirk, so tomorrow — after my day off — I will paste that in and email the whole huge file away to Subterranean Press. The "typescript" (no actual typewriters were harmed, mind you) is 504 pages long, 135,762 words (before Rick's bio). I have done all I can do to make it typo free. Spooky has done even more. Oh, and I think I've decided I will also include "A Study for Estate" in Tales of Tales of Pain and Wonder (which I may rename Tails of Tales of Pain and Wonder, and thank you, Cliff).

Er...anything else about yesterday? David called from Athens while I was doing final edits on "Salammbô Redux," and we talked about politics and New Agers mucking up witchcraft and addiction and Joss Whedon and blogging and whatever the hell else. Conversations with David are problematic, as he has not yet given up all hope for humanity. But he's not as old as me...

I have no idea what I'm going to do with today, once this entry is done. Except Spooky insists I go outside.

Oh, Spooky just came back from the p.o. with a package from Czechoslavakia. And now I see it contains my contributor's copy of Trochu: Divne Kusy 2, the Czech sf anthology which includes a translation of "Riding the White Bull" ("Jízda na Bílém Bykovi"). There was even a $50 dollar bill inside. Cool.

I'm allowing myself to be cautiously optimistic about Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. In some ways, it looks like the movie that should have been made instead of Temple of Doom. We get Marion Ravenwood back, and we even get John Hurt as Abner Ravenwood. We even get Jim Broadbent!

I think 42% of my life has now been consumed by a Second Life Dune freeform rp sim. I'm Freman, of course, and this is an alternate Dune timeline, wherein Paul Atreides died at the end of the first book and the planet was subsequently pulverized by atomics. This is a hundred years later, and Arrakeen is slowly pulling itself back together. Houses Atreides, Harkonnen, and Corrino are strugging for power, and there's the Spacing Guild and CHOAM. It's an incredibly immersive experience. And additional proof that SL has so much more to offer than Blingtardia, if you're just willing to dig into the crevices and crannies. The story surrounds me and I become the story, which is really all I've ever wanted, the ability to truly sink into story.

Bi-la kaifa, indeed.
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