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Fetch me a turnip.

I'm running rather late today, so I'll make this short. It's not like yesterday was terribly interesting, anyway, as days in the Service of the Platypus go.

I did another 1,102 words on "Salammbô Redux," and believe that I have found the end of it (which, rather unexpectedly, touched upon Longfellow's "The Wreck of the Hesperus"). Spooky and I need to read through the whole thing this afternoon and see how the extended version holds up.

We had a long walk, well before sunset, all the way west down Sinclair to Inman Park. We had pizza and watched a National Geographic documentary on John Wilkes Booth. All sorts of autumnal flowers have bloomed. More Dune last night.

Congratulations to the winner in the Threshold auction. Spooky has listed a few more items, including a copy of the new paperback edition of Low Red Moon (3rd edition; 2007), a copy of The Five of Cups, and of The Dry Salvages. Also, she has placed one of her mini-Cthulhu figurines up on Etsy (which is a much smaller ass pain than eBay), and you may see it here. Like I've said, I love these little guys, and she's only making ten of them, and $45 its a steal.*

Okay. Coffee has arrived.

* Postscript (4:09 p.m.) — Someone already stole it. Which is to say, it sold this afternoon.
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