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and as your life flashed before your eyes you realize you were looking the wrong place

Apparently, it seemed like a good idea to make up for having slept eight and a half hours night before last by only sleeping a little over six hours last night. Because I am one smart cookie. Huzzah.

So, yeah. I'm not awake.

Thanks to everyone who has reported Beowulf sightings since yesterday. I've gotten word of the book in Michigan, North Carolina, Atlanta, upstate New York, and Brooklyn. And apparently it's been on at least some bookshop shelves since Sunday. Go figure. I guess I'll see a copy when the stars are right or something.

I did 1,186 words on "Salammbô Redux" yesterday. It's a very strange process, expanding this story. Once or twice before, I've "finished" a story only to discover later on it wasn't finished. "Emptiness Spoke Eloquent" comes to mind (originally it was titled "Mina"). But, in those rare cases, I was merely adding to the ending, extending the story. With "Salammbô Redux," I'm expanding from points within the story, and having to do so in such a way that augments the original narrative, rather than disrupting or destroying it. And if you have not yet pre-ordered your copy of the 3rd edition of Tales of Pain and Wonder, today would be a good time to do so.

Also, there's the Threshold auction (2nd edition).

Besides work yesterday, well, Spooky made a pot of chili, and we had a very nice walk through Freedom Park after dark. The moon, only one night from full, was again huge and so marvelously bright. I love moonshadows. Later was mostly Second Life, which was somewhat cooler than usual, which is saying a lot, considering it's only the Best. Toy Ever.

Oh, and I have two sets of contracts from Penguin to sign and get back in the mail today. One is the contract for the new edition of Silk, to be released in December. The other is for Joey Lafaye and the next novel after that (of course, the contract calls them BOOK I: UNTITLED BOOK #1 and BOOK II: UNTITLED BOOK #2). I hate reading contracts, but these need to go back into the mail today. Wait. I said that already.

Okay, the platypus says I can have coffee if I'll end this entry here, and there's no denying that platypus known my weak spots.
Tags: beowulf, contracts, insomnia, joey lafaye, salammbô, second life, silk, topaw

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