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The Thursdays just keep coming.

I tried, just now, to take that "Career Matchmaker" quiz thing that's making the rounds. I didn't make it past the first question. It was something like, "Do you enjoy working with children?" And I sat and stared at it a while. And I asked Spooky, "Does this mean toddlers, or preschoolers, kindergarteners, second graders, middle-school students, or teens?" And then I realized that the question does not even try to define "work." And so I gave up. Which is a pretty fair example of why I have had such a rough time of it in this society. But "work" and "children" are very broad terms, and I cannot agree to something if I do not know what I am agreeing to. I once had a psychotherapist at the end of her tether, because I couldn't make it through the stupid goddamn MMPI. One question I recall, "People are trying to influence my thoughts," and I'm supposed to say yes or no, whatever. So I said yes, of course, thinking of commercials and advertising, mainly, but also of religion and nationalist propaganda and so forth, only to learn later the question was one of many designed to detect paranoia and schizophrenia. I was told I'm too analytical, and I replied that the test was absurdly vague. If people want to know about the voices in my head, they should bloody well ask.

My thanks to everyone who has offered up a suggestion for a piece for Sirenia Digest #22. There have been a few intriguing one. If you missed yesterday's addendum, I wrote:

"Waaaaaay back in 2005 when I started Sirenia Digest, I said that one thing I would be doing is "taking requests." However, for one reason or another, it's never happened. I want to try it this month. Is there something you would like to see done that I haven't yet done? A theme? A scenario? A kink? Whatever. You may post your suggestion here or, if you would rather this just be between you and I, you may email your suggestion/s to me at greygirlbeast(at)gmail(dot)com. If I choose your request you'll win something. I don't know what, but something. Note that requests may not involve the copyrighted work of writers other than myself, and, for that matter, I would prefer it not center on any of my established/pre-existing characters. Speak up. I may never be in this mood again."

And I'm still open to suggestions, so, if you have not already replied, or if you've already replied but have since thought of something better, it's not too late.

Yesterday, I sat and stared at a "blank sheet of paper." I wish. Actually, I stared at a blank "page" in Microsoft Word, trying to will a story into being. I stared, and no story came. Those are the worst sorts of days. Technically, I must be working. I sat here for four or five hours, staring, thinking, discarding ideas. Meanwhile, Spooky edited five stories in Tales of Pain and Wonder, proving that editing on her own, without my dithering input, things go more than twice as fast. She did "Bela's Plot," "Tears Seven Times Salt," "Superheroes," "Glass Coffin," and "Breakfast in the House of the Rising Sun." To me, that sounds much more like work than staring at a blank MS Word file.

Last night, we watched Hellboy Animated: Sword of Storms (2006), which was somewhat entertaining, though the animation was nothing to get excited about. Tonight, we'll probably watch Hellboy Animated: Blood and Iron (2007).

Okay. Platypus says it's time to stare, so stare I shall. We disregard the platypus at our own peril.


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Sep. 13th, 2007 04:40 pm (UTC)
I would like to see you try a total sell-out piece. Just because it would be interesting to see what happens when you can't do it straight. Kind of like watching David Lynch's Dune. (Which I love.)

Y'know, like, your standard romantic-comedy scenario, or something sappy like Ghost...only through the CRK filter? That might be your most fucked-up, deranged stuff yet.

If nothing else it'd be an interesting exercise for you: 'Shit, how does this type of story even work? ...Fuck it, I'm putting in a whore made out of snot.'
Sep. 13th, 2007 04:53 pm (UTC)
That first paragraph sums up nicely the problems I have with forms. I suck with paperwork and forms. I can't answer the questions or check off the blasted ticky boxes because there's no room for a "well... it depends".

And it always depends.
Sep. 13th, 2007 05:34 pm (UTC)
But Caitlin Rbekah, your ideas are so much better than mine!

If I had an idea of my own that was as good as yours, it probably shouldn't be my idea. (snicker)

How about a composer or singer who improvises pieces based on the sores and infections that her audience brings?

Instead of faith healings, she creates gorgeous noise that celebrates their frailties?

I can already see a particular blister that's too aesthetically pleasing to be allowed to heal.

(See, it's too long for a vignette already! Maybe I should write that one too, we could have a friendly duel...)
Sep. 13th, 2007 05:54 pm (UTC)
I still say bank robbery gone wrong. With slapstick. You know, imagine one of your perfectly crafted scenes of psychological turmoil with supernatural overtones, a beautiful girl junkie sprung from a mental ward two days ago follows her jittery dealer/pimp out of a vault, customers and employees face down on the floor everywhere. The heroine has some thought about funding for Yellow House franchises when--BAM--a pratfall, and she lands flat on her face, money flies everywhere. "Oh, nice work, genius!" says the dealer/pimp. Heroine; "Wiseguy, eh?!" A ridiculous fistfight ensues that somehow derails the subtle and careful planning of the Children of the Cuckoo. It could totally work. Throw in some kinky sex involving plastic explosives.
Sep. 13th, 2007 06:47 pm (UTC)
I'd like to see what results from your own idea awhile back for a story set in an Innsmouth whorehouse around 1940 or so. I also second the idea of returning to one of the False Starts story. Or maybe a group or gang scene? Am I dirty? I feel dirty ;)
Sep. 13th, 2007 07:13 pm (UTC)
It's not my request, but I'd bet you'd add a whole bunch of subscribers if you made Neil Gaiman one of the characters in an erotic tale...

Wonder if Neil would go along with it...

Actually, my serious request would be a story involving New York City. Cities have an incredibly frightening erotic vibe, one that would be fascinating to see you explore...
Sep. 13th, 2007 07:18 pm (UTC)
Or how about trying your hand at describing the mating between Lavinia Whateley and Yog-Sothoth? Now that'd be interesting...
( 7 comments — Have your say! )