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Only a few people are awake.

When did I last make an entry? April 29th? It's all a blur. My insomnia afforded me only a single hour's sleep the night of the 29th/morning of the 30th, and it's taken me two nights to fully recover, I think.

You may now read "Little Conversations" (née "Salammbô Redux") at Clarkesworld Magazine, along with a short story by M P Ericson. And I should say that I truly adore the "cover" art by Chen Lin. You can see the full-sized cover here. Also, note that there will be a print-edition chapbook of this issue available sometime in the next few months. I'll keep you posted.

Most of the last two days, that part of it during which I was conscious (I slept an amazing ten hours Friday morning), has been passed thinking and talking about Joey Lafaye, which I have to start at once. I may actually have the plot in mind now. I never go into a novel knowing much about the plot, so that's odd. I did try with Daughter of Hounds, but I still didn't fully comprehend the story until I was well into it.

Thursday night, Spooky and I watched John Curran's The Painted Veil (from the novel of the same name by W. Somerset Maugham). I liked it quite a lot, in part because, Death to Smoochy aside, Edward Norton can do no wrong. What really surprised me was Naomi Watts' performance, which was also quite excellent, though I was angered that she was not allowed to bring as much depth to her role in Jackson's King Kong. Last night, Byron joined us for Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters. Yeah, anyway. I think he'll be back around tonight.

My entries seem t have grown slimmer recently. I'll try to get a little meatier. Bear with me.
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