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Your embrace, it was all that I feared...

Yesterday went pretty much as expected. There are too few of the right sorts of surprises these days. Though, given the frequency of the wrong sort of surprises there for a while, this condition is much preferable. A sure sign of my advancing years, a preference for predictability over unannounced earthquakes. No, not a sign of advancing years. A sign of something else. Anyway, yes, we proofread Sirenia Digest front to back, "Scene in the Museum (1869)" and "Bradbury Weather," which I think took about four hours, all told. This morning, subscribers ought to have #21 waiting in their inboxes. If you are a subscriber and don't yet have it, just email Spooky at crk_books(at)yahoo(dot)com, and she'll straighten things out ASAP. If you're not a subscriber, well, what are you waiting for?

Jada, whom I've not seen since May 2003 (we were practically inseparable from 1978-1992) is planning to visit in November. I warned her what a complete, genuine recluse I have become, but she says not to worry.

With SD #21 out, and the story for Clarkesworld done, I'm afraid I've reached that point where I actually have to begin work on Joey Lafaye, the next novel. Not today, and not tomorrow, but soon. Certainly within the next two weeks. In my spiral-bound notebook is a page of notes dated 7/27/06, the last time that I seriously sat down and tried to begin work on Joey LaFaye. We were in the little house in Rhode Island. That was the day before I got the news that a warehouse blunder had put all my novels out of print. I thought then I very probably would never write another novel. Thirteen months later, all the novels are back in print from Roc, or they soon will be, and I have a contract for Joey Lafaye and for another novel after that. Which just shows to go you. But, in the last thirteen months, I've hardly thought about Joey Lafaye, and now the time has come that I have to do so. Likely, it will be set not in New England, as originally planned, but here in Georgia. Likely, it will be set in the late 1970s or early 1980s. It will be only peripherally connected with the other novels. It's about a carnival, in part. It's about a lot of things.

Last night, a great deal of Second Life, continuing the peculiar tale of Professor Nareth E. Nishi in the steampunk milieu of New Babbage. Orphans were saved, for a time, from a mysterious league of Freemasons, with the help of Miss Artimisia Paine and an eighteen-foot tall robot. And there was lots of "sciency" stuff I won't go into. I have fallen behind on Nareth's journal. Again. You sort of have to be there. The journal is never any better than footnotes. I'll try to do another entry today. And I need another appendix from Bellatrix Bracken.

And we watched The Hunger (1983) again last night, because that film never, ever stops being beautiful.

Okay. Must have more iced coffee, and more David Bowie, and I need to wash my hair.
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