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cooler weather and cicadas

Sirens in the distance, but that's nothing unusual.

Yesterday, I did 1,180 words on "Little Conversations" (née "Salammbô Redux"), which will be appearing next month in Clarkesworld. So, a good writing day.

Later, there was Doctor Who; a fine episode, I thought. Martha Jones wins hands down over Rose Tyler, I fear. Others would say I'm arguing apples and oranges.

Also, my first steampunk story, "The Steam Dancer," will be appearing in the Fall 2007 Subterranean. The contents of each issue are not posted all at once, and "The Steam Dancer" isn't up yet, but should be any day now. Note that this story originally appeared in Sirenia Digest #19 in June. And the platypus says I should remind everyone that it's never too late to subscribe.
Tags: salammbô redux, summer, the steam dancer

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