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Bring me back to the brim of it, and from that place…I shall no leading need.

Something quick today, because I overslept.

Yesterday, I wrote 1,160 words on "Salammbô Redux," only it might become "Little Conversations," at least for its publication in Clarkesworld magazine. Thus far, the story does, indeed, consist of the linking together of short conversations, and likely it shall continue on that way.

Also yesterday, there was email with Bill Schafer of subpress regarding the cover design for Tales of Pain and Wonder, and Vince sent me his rough sketch for "Scene in the Museum (1896)," which I liked quite a lot, so he's now working on the final illustration. You will find the story and Vince's illustration in Sirenia Digest #21, but only if you are a subscriber.

Yesterday, shadowmeursault asked, Apologies if you've covered this already, but, since you mention that "Salammbô Redux" will be in the new edition of Tales of Pain and Wonder, I find myself wondering what other additions shall appear in the new edition (if you are at leisure to discuss such things).

To which I reply, there will be other differences, besides the inclusion of "Salammbô Redux," but I am not yet ready to reveal all of them. The first and second editions (2000 and 2002, respectively) contained 21 short stories, plus one poem, along with the Doug Winter intro and the Peter Straub afterword. In this edition, there will be 23 short stories, plus all the rest, and a new author's preface. All of Richard Kirk's superb artwork from the previous editions will be reproduced. More information to come nearer the book's release date. Since I suspect this will be the collection's final edition, at least for the foreseeable future, I am going to great lengths to see that everything is just exactly right, which cannot be said for the first and second editions.

It's only 90F outside, and we had marvelous thunderstorms yesterday evening. Cooler weather is finally on the way. I checked the records at the yesterday and discovered that we'd not had one day under 90F since July, and eight days at 100F or higher (most days, the heat index exceeded 100F). That is too much summer even for me. And, one last thing: Why the frell doesn't LJ know how to spell "afterword"?

Postscript (2:04 p.m.): My thanks to morganxpage for reminding me of this quote, which I first encountered in Joseph Campbell:

One should worship a divinity by becoming a divinity. One who has not become a divinity should not worship a divinity. Anyone worshiping a divinity without becoming a divinity will not reap the fruits of that worship. ——— Gandharva Tantra
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