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catching up

So, anyway. Yesterday. I didn't get any actual writing done, but I did spend three hours compiling and formatting the first electronic draft of To Charles Fort, With Love. I'm very pleased that we're finally moving ahead with this book. These are short stories I published between 2000 and 2004. I've e-mailed the ms. to Bill Schafer at subpress and to Rick Kirk, who will being doing the art. If you've never seen Rick's work, you should do so now. He's amazing and deserving of far wider recognition. Bill is tentatively scheduling this book for Summer 2005.

Also, my contributor copies of Candlewick Press' Gothic!: Ten Original Dark Tales (edited by Deborah Noyes) arrived via UPS. It contains my story, "The Dead and the Moonstruck," which concerns Starling Jane (from Low Red Moon) as a young girl, and also includes all-new stories by Joan Aiken, Neil Gaiman, Gregory Maguire, and many others. I was especially proud to be a part of this project and am very pleased with how it's turned out.

Late yesterday, I received an e-mail from the very awesome Lousia John-Krol, who'd noticed that I'd mentioned her music somewhere in the blog. Actually, I wrote portions of Murder of Angels to her album Alexandria, especially "Contradiction is the Dragon." So, it was quite cool to hear from her, all the way down there in Austraila. Turns out she's a Farscape fan, too! I haven't yet had a chance to write her back.

And Spooky's Nebari boots arrived, but someone at the warehouse screwed up, and they were at least two sizes too small. So, they're being exchanged. But they do look fine.

And that's the best of it, of yesterday. I made a huge bowl of guacamole and a pot of chili (which we're still eating on). I played Kya: Dark Legacy. I talked with a small wolf spider making its way along the bathroom floor (we have quite a crop of wolf spiders this summer).

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