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L'ange sans ailes

Yesterday, I wrote 1,448 words and finished "Scene in the Museum (1896)," which will be appearing in Sirenia Digest #21 later this month. It's too soon to be sure how I feel about the piece. They're never quite what I intend them to be. "Scene in the Museum (1896)" is no different.

Today's a day off. Tomorrow I have to attend to all sorts of not-writing — nailing down a cover artist for the new edition of Tales of Pain and Wonder (preorders now being accepted), neglected emails, figuring out how to get the website up to snuff ASAP, and so forth. Then I have to begin the short story about Salammbô Desvernine, which will appear first online in Clarkesworld Magazine this September and appear thereafter as the very end of the Tales of Pain and Wonder story cycle. It is going to be magnificently strange, returning to Salammbô, with whom I have not "spoken" since 1997 or so. And though we are almost soulmates, she and I, we were never that close.

And it looks as though the peculiar tale of Prof. Nareth E. Nishi shall continue for a while longer. It figures. I find some scrap of resolve, and providence intervenes. Anyway, two new entries yesterday, and one today. Also, UPS brought my comp copies of the new mass-market paperback of Low Red Moon yesterday. Last night, we watched Sam Mendes' screen adaptation of Road to Perdition (2002), because Spooky hadn't seen it. Such a beautiful, understated film. Between Jude Law's superbly creepy performance and Thomas Newman's score, this is the sort of film I can just stare at forever. So, yeah, that was yesterday.

Okay. I think that's all for now. The platypus needs herhisits belly rubbed.
Tags: days off, lrm, salammbô desvernine, second life, sirenia, topaw

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