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What do you think I am? Human?

Total frelling chaos last night, and it was no one's fault but my own. What with the insomnia, exhaustion, stress, the shelving of The Dinosaurs of Mars, etc. & etc., I somehow managed to miss or ignore the notice that my website's domain registration was set to expire on August 11th. On July 7th, delivered a notice to my old dot.Mac account, which I hardly ever check (though I did see that email). Last night, I discovered there's this big ad where the website ought to be. I think we had about an hour and a half of terror, fearing the URL might have been squatted. Fortunately for me, has a grace period, and it was safe, and this morning all has been restored, and I'm paid up for the next two years. But crap. I did not need that shit last night, and I especially did not need the rush through the muggy night to Kinko's in Decatur to send "proof" that I was me, a photocopy of my passport and Social Security card (no driver's license in the land of the one-eyed).

However, I did write 1,364 words on "Scene in the Museum (1896)" yesterday. Turns out there's a dream sequence midway through the piece, which at least introduces the fantasy of a nightmare, so it's not as free of the weird as I'd originally intended. Maybe next time. I hope to finish the story today.

It's hot again. Well, it never stopped being hot. But now it's HOT again. Still, when I hear the heat index in New Orleans yesterday was 119F (global warming is a myth, remember), I feel silly for mentioning it.

I'm trying to think if there was anything else "bloggable" about yesterday? Spooky fed me cool foods for dinner. I'm trying not to lose any more weight. Cold roast chicken, guacamole, a good hot salsa, feta, fresh tomatoes and cucumber, Sol beer. We finished revisiting the Matrix trilogy with The Matrix: Revolutions. Again, much more impressed than I was the first time through. I think the three films should be watched as one film, which is what they actually are. Any film/s which has me rooting for the humans, for at least part of the time, has to be doing something right. Later, there was Second Life. I fear that Prof. Nishi's tale has grown far too complex to continue keeping her journal. Not with all the writing I do during the day, then the actual rping. Having to turn around and translate it all into prose, it's something I wanted to do, but not to the detriment of the experience itself. So, if you want to see the story unfold, bite the bullet and come inworld. Find her in New Babbage, and you might even find yourself a part of the story. Oh, and the cephalopod exhibit for the Charles Lyell Memorial Mezzanine of the Palaeozoic Museum is coming along nicely. I find myself, more and more, thinking of myself as an inhabitant of New Babbage and of that avatar. After the past two and a half months, I admit that I sometimes look in the mirror and expect to see Nareth E. Nishi's face there, a face which is not only fairer but which also seems truer, as well, than this biological face. This is that whole goddamned transhumanist thing I keep claiming I want no part of, isn't it? Well, the beginning.

"I fly the blown and torn around
I wear this part of your skin I found
I wanna face I can recognize
Keep the corneas and lose the flies..."
— The Prids, "Shadow and Shadow"
Tags: pain and wonder, second life, sirenia, summer, the prids, transhumanism

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