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...a mass of incandescent gas...

And here it is 12:57 p.m., and out there it's 97F and feels like 103F. The high is forecast at 100F. We've tried to get through this heat wave — and this summer, in general — without air conditioning. Environmental concerns, bad sinuses, and trying to keep the power bill down. But I have written nothing for four days now, because it's been too hot in the house to move, much less sit here and write. So, finally, this morning the air conditioner was turned on. Right now, it's probably in the low eighties in my office, and it feels like heaven.

All I really did do yesterday was spend the whole afternoon on the sofa, reading Volume One of Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Previously, I'd read only the first couple of issues. Of course, I adore it. Especially Mina. More Mina, please.

Oh, and I'm afraid the Bastard Fairies have already been replaced by a new favourite band, Abney Park. You must hear them, and see them. A steampunk band, the first to my knowledge. They've got a great deal through their website, whereby you can download everything they've recorded, ever, for a mere $33.

Which reminds me, as I've already mentioned, you can snag a copy of the new (corrected) mass-market paperback of Low Red Moon for only $7.99 from Amazon, or get it with the trade paperback of Daughter of Hounds for only $19.89. Also, for them what might be interested, we have a copy of the mmp of Threshold up on eBay, which comes signed (and personalised at your request). And it's not as if I'll be doing signings anytime soon.

Chin up, Kiernan. Sally forth. Miles to go and all that joyous rot...
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