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Extraction protocol initiated. Begin countdown.

The heat is even worse than yesterday. At this moment, it's 93F with a heat index of 100F. I had a cold hard-boiled egg for breakfast, with iced coffee. The thought of anything warm turned my stomach. I've already lost 10 lbs. this summer from not eating. Forecast high is 99F.

No writing yesterday. I did read aloud what I wrote on Sunday, the piece I was calling "Penance to the Idol of Perversity (1917)," which was quite good, but I have no idea where it's headed. And I think I'm going to set it aside and work on something more suited to Sirenia Digest #21. Already, a quarter of the month has slipped past me. But wait...I'm supposed to be resting. But wait...I have deadlines. Argh. At some point yesterday afternoon, I decided I absolutely had to read Anaïs Nin's Delta of Venus, but after riffling though the shelves, could not locate the copy I thought I owned, nothing by Nin by Spooky's copy of The Four-Chambered Heart. This led to a trip out into the broil, back to Borders for a new copy of Delta of Venus. I almost picked up a collection of vintage Victorian erotica, as well, but books are so frelling expensive. I'm also having fits to read Alan Moore's Lost Girls and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. It's too hot to do anything but read. We came home. I had a cool bath and washed my hair, and then read Nin to Spooky — the preface and "Lilith" and "Linda." It's much too hot for anything but reading. And iced coffee.

And note that the mmp of Low Red Moon is now available in bookshops and from and other online booksellers. Please do me a huge favour and order a copy or five. Note, too, that you can get it from Amazon with a copy of Daughter of Hounds (tpb) for a mere $19.89. That's a bargain, surely.

I meant to bring this up days ago and forgot, but on September 6th, five years to the day after it came online, I will be taking down The pages will likely be archived at my CRK website, and I will be keeping the URL registered. But I want to save the $20 a month to pay the weekly rent on my two lots in New Babbage (the Palaeozoic Museum and the forthcoming Jules Verne Memorial Park), thus trading one obsession for another.

Too hot for a walk last night. Maybe at midnight we could have walked, maybe, but in this neighborhoood late-night walks are unadvisable. Instead, we had a grand Second Life rp session, with the help of blu_muse and Molly Underwood. Best. Toy. Ever. But I've gotten very far behind on Nareth's journal and will try to catch up this evening.

Phoenix is on its way to the Martian north pole. A shame there's no rover on board. Touchdown, May 2008.

Any thoughts/comments on Sirenia Digest #20 would be much appreciated today.

Time to make the doughnuts. Or at least sit here and stare at the dough.
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