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celebrate the contradiction

Today will be a day off, as under this new regime, I am not allowed those twelve-day work weeks I have indulged in for so many years.

I tallied it all up yesterday, the work I've done since writing Frog Toes and Tentacles. It's not so much an arbitrary starting point, as a peculiar turn in my career as an author. Anyway, since May 2005 I have written 31 pieces of fiction for Sirenia Digest, and you add in the stories written for Frog Toes and Tentacles (sold out) and Tales from the Woeful Platypus, the number rises to 49. Add to that "Bainbridge" for Alabaster, as well as the "Highway 97" chapbook, and "Zero Summer" (for Subterranean magazine #6), and the sum rises to 52. Then there's Daughter of Hounds and the Beowulf novelization, so we come to 54. I have been too frightened to attempt an actual word count. And the reason behind my adding all this up is not to brag or ask for a pat upon the head. The reason is that I need to step back and see that I have been pushing myself far too fucking hard for far too fucking long. And that after five days of work I may have a day off free from guilt over not working.

Yesterday, we went back to the Tales of Pain and Wonder manuscript, and we read "Tears Seven Times Salt" and "Superheroes," which got us to page 127 of 441+. And to 1995, as well. "Tears Seven Times Salt" strikes me now as a sort of suggestion of what was to come, while "Superheroes" feels mostly like me beginning to lay my adolescence to rest. I'm trying to do as little revision as possible on these stories, but I am doing some, and I did more to "Superheroes" than I expected.

My thanks to the readers who proposed street teams and to those who have pointed out that it's hardly helping matters that my website has essentially been offline for a year. For months now, I've had a very capable and eager volunteer to help me deal with the latter problem, but between work, exhaustion, and a sort of website-specific inertia, nothing has been done. I wanted to have it up in time for the release of the Low Red Moon mmp on August 7th, but I'm about to miss that deadline. Ah, well. At least there's something up there. As for street teams, I have concerns about effectiveness, but I'm open to further discussion of the matter.

Okay, Spooky says this is work, and that I need a bath, so that's all for now, kiddos. Until the morrow.
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